3 creative ways to control costs

Cost Control

Witsave by cutting costsh businesses across the globe feeling the economic pinch, strategies to cut costs and trim excess expenditure are becoming increasingly important. From start-ups and small to medium enterprises to huge corporations, wastage and unnecessary spending are a drain on valuable resources. While putting cost-cutting measures in place can be tricky and even unpleasant, there are a few smart and innovative ways to reduce spending that every business should be looking at. Seartec, one of SA’s leading office automation specialists, has a few tips that will sharpen up your bottom line and control costs.


  • Take control of the print queue
    Printing is a considerable cost for any business, and while at times it is unavoidable, it should be carefully managed to reduce waste and decrease paper and toner spend. PaperCut is print management software that tracks and monitors print jobs, and can manage copying, faxing and scanning on a multifunction printer, as well as authenticating users to prevent unauthorised printing. The software examines print queues and implements logging, charging, control or quotas.


  • Go green
    Decreasing power consumption isn’t just environmentally friendly, it is kinder on the pocket too. For example, it is possible to install office lights that automatically activate only when a motion sensor is triggered, or that become brighter or dimmer during the day as the ambient light changes. Additionally, consider whether your office equipment isn’t draining power unnecessarily. Sharp products with Energy Star certification have been independently verified as having features that reduce warm-up time, decrease power consumption and thus, have a very low typical energy consumption. It’s a simple way to slash the electricity bill. Visit the Seartec website to view the full range of the Sharp products.


  • Meet virtually
    Meetings are a necessary part of doing business but they can be extremely costly – not just in terms of travel costs but also due to time lost during travel. More and more businesses are re-evaluating the way that they meet both internally and with clients and looking into telecommuting. Strategy meetings, sales pitches, presentations and brainstorm sessions can all be held as virtual meetings through the use of teleconferencing technology. Good quality audio and video is, however, essential to ensure that technical difficulties don’t wreak havoc with the agenda. Smart equipment and software is also key to ignite the creative spark during meetings. Kindling is web-based ideation software that can be used to track, collate and develop ideas from a number of locations, which helps an entire team to engage in a discussion. Ideas can even be voted and commented on by external experts on the app, for feedback and refinement. A Sharp multifunction printer for scanning and printing, as well as with the tablets and mobile devices of meeting participants, for increased collaboration.