5 fabulous features of the Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator

Solving Smart School

Serious scholars need a calculator that can keep up. Seartec offers a smart solution, in the form of the Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator. This calculator is easy to use but smart enough to teach students and help them practice mental mathematics. The EL-W535HT calculator has been equipped with sophisticated functionality in the form of different modes, and has other neat features for intuitive use.
• Drill modeTeachers using the Sharp EL-W535HT
This mode is a repetitive teaching mode for practicing mental mathematics calculations, such as multiplication table drills. The calculator marks answers and gives immediate feedback.
• Short-cut keys
These allow the user to compress several steps, for example when creating a function, into one short-cut button. This cuts down on having to enter lengthy steps into the calculator each time for often-used functions.
• Unlimited table modeSharp Scientific Calculator
Table mode can be used as a practice drill for multiplication tables. The table mode also allows the user to enter in an equation and receive a calculated a pair of coordinate pairs, which can then be used to draw graphs. Table mode never runs out of coordinate pairs which is excellent for teaching trigonometry, as well as helping users to understand where the CAST diagram comes from. Table mode can also be used to find factor pairs.
• Easy-to-use statistics mode
This mode deals with statistics appropriate for high school learners and certain undergraduate university students; such as determining mean and standard deviation. Entering information to retrieve statistical calculations is simple and only requires two buttons, which reduces the chance of errors.
Random mode helps teachers with probability• Random function
This function has four different options for random number generation: rand (random decimals between 0 and 1 to three decimal places); r-dice (a die on the calculator – generates numbers 1 to 6); r-coin (generates 0 or 1 like heads and tails) and r-int (integers between 0 and 99).
High school learners and university students can benefit a great deal from owning a scientific calculator, but it is critical that they learn how to use the many features included in a calculator such as the EL-W535HT to get the most out of it. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, facilitates this through their Maths at Sharp initiative, which assists schools and learners to become familiar with the range of calculators distributed by Seartec and how to use these tools to increase mathematical literacy in South Africa. The website can be accessed at http://www.mathsatsharp.co.za/