5 Things to consider when buying a microwave oven

Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven is a kitchen staple, given that it is a quick and convenient tool for defrosting and reheating food. Many people also use it to cook certain foods, although many people do not realise how versatile a microwave can be when it comes to preparing food. When selecting a new microwave, it is important to understand the difference between different types of microwave ovens, as well as what they can do, in order to pick one that best suits your needs while still giving you value for money. Seartec looks at what you need to consider when purchasing a new microwave oven.ht

Convection Microwave OvensLimitless cooking potential

A microwave with extra grill and convection features can cut down on the hassle of cooking significantly. A convection microwave has a convection heat cycle through fans which move of very hot air around inside of the microwave. This means that these types of microwaves are sensational for baking and roasting, with a guaranteed moist and appealing end result. Another great feature is a grill function which uses a heating element to brown and crisp food at the press of a button. No more soggy reheated food and it’s deliciously simple to pop dinner under the grill.

Size and capacity

With features that allow you to prepare entire meals on the go, you need a microwave oven with enough capacity to cook for the entire family. Don’t just look at the size of the microwave, evaluate the usable space inside it. Microwaves with two shelves are very practical, allowing you to use space efficiently.

Additional features

Certain microwaves come with features that can help you to ensure meals cooked to perfection every time. Programmable/built-in menu settings make it easy to select the correct option for various foods, such as cooking time and percentage power. A humidity sensor can also detect moisture levels and adjust cooking time and power accordingly. Defrost settings are also very useful to thaw out food rapidly without drying it out.

Take note of the wattage

Higher wattages cook foods faster, and most recipes specify that the microwave should produce at least 800 watts to ensure that the food is cooked or baked thoroughly and evenly. Microwaves can have variable wattages ranging from 600 – 1200 watts, so check to ensure that your model has adequate power.

Check out consumer reviews

Read up on consumer ratings beforehand to see which microwaves have been put to the test, if there are any clear favourites or brands to be avoided. For example, Sharp’s R990N and R960N microwave ovens are highly rated in South Africa. Fair Lady Magazine rated the sleek and modern Sharp R-990N which has grill and convection features – as the “Consumer Best Buy for 2014”, giving it five stars and stating that: “There’s not much this microwave can’t do.” View the full range of Sharp microwave ovens offered by Seartec for more information.