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Sharp LED Interactive Whiteboard

A guide to using interactive whiteboards the right way

Sharp IWBTeachers and educators need the best tools at their disposal to make lessons stimulating and engaging. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, examines the various “interactive whiteboard” technologies that are  available and discusses some of the must-have features that take this advanced technology from a “nice-to-have” to an indispensable classroom device.
The humble chalkboard has been a classroom staple for many years as a means of communicating information to students. Recently, there have been an influx of more technologically advances options into schools and universities. Data projectors and interactive whiteboards made it easier for teachers and lecturers to deliver lessons that encourage students to actively participate for collaborative learning. Traditional interactive whiteboards (IWBs) consist of a whiteboard, onto which content is projected from a computer. Calibrating the setup allows users to draw and write on the projected display with a pen or stylus, which is then read by the computer.
There are a number of difficulties associated with traditional IWB set ups, however. Projectors need dim light in order for the projected image to be seen clearly, and shadows can interfere with visibility. Projector bulbs burn out and need to be replaced, and the calibration process can be tricky. In light of these limitations. The PN-L702B is an advanced touch-screen display panel that connects directly to a computer and displays the information on its 70-inch high definition screen. Teachers and pupils can then write, draw and make notes on the touchscreen. There is no need for a projector and no calibration required!
Demonstrating why Sharp has earned their reputation as industry leaders in screen technology, the PN-L702B has an array of infrared sensors that detect touch with perfect accuracy, and the screen is backlit with LEDs, meaning that anything displayed on the board can be seen with crystal clarity in any light, including a brightly-lit classroom – which means that the lights can stay on and students won’t get away with dozing off in the dark.
The Sharp PN-L702B IWB has also been designed with durability, value for money and convenience in mind. The board has an internal cooling system and can stay on 24/7 for years at a time. The Sharp open source architecture allows the board to communicate with all computer software effortlessly. And it can read and display information from, or save it to, a USB flash drive as well.

Sharp Smart Board“Sharp screens create a new legacy with a great learning tool for years to come.” – Anthony Hall, teacher at Caister Junior School
The IWB resonates well with tech-savvy learners, who are accustomed to using touch screens and interactive devices. A school in the UK, Caister Junior School, selected Sharp’s IWB for its reliability, image quality and the fact that were found to be a cost-effective option in the long term. The fact that the screens were so easy to use for learners of all ages was also a draw card. The IWBs were used to teach subjects from mathematics to art, using videos, internet content and photographs. Learners were encouraged to write and draw on their lesson material and were enthusiastic about relating to their school work in this way. Parents and teachers were also thrilled by the potential unlocked in the students by the IWBs.

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