Digital signage: use technology to take your brand to new heights

Sharo digital signage

In today’s cluttered marketing environment signage and billboards are commonplace, so much so that most people don’t notice them – unless stuck in traffic! Despite the abundance of traditional billboards, this marketing medium has always suffered from having a great initial cost, which is repeated whenever the billboard message needs to be changed. Whilst reaching customers and engaging their attention is still of utmost importance to brands, cost-saving innovations as well as unique and eye-catching digital signage is more of a priority than ever. Video walls used in digital signage

The advent of new technologies offers opportunities to achieve both of these objectives. Digital signage, such as high-definition electronic displays, are more cost-efficient in the long term due to the fact that displayed images can be changed at the push of a button. With offerings such as large format (person-sized) screens, ultra high-definition LED screens that are designed for crisp, vibrant colours and 24 hour use, and even monitors that can be set up to create seamless video walls for stunning effect, brands and marketers can create imaginative campaigns that rise above the signage | Sharp professional displays

Large-scale professional displays

These are displays measuring a few meters in diameter and can be set up horizontally or vertically. Whether the on-screen content is static images, advertising videos or content loops that play non-stop, these displays can be installed in indoor locations such as retail spaces, educational institutes, conference rooms, and public spaces for a high awe-factor. Seartec offers large-scale displays. This industry-leading displays are professional and powerful, with excellent contrast and brightness will still being extremely energy efficient.

Video walls

digital signageLike large-scale displays, video walls are able to measure meters in length and height. They have the added advantage of being far more scalable while still delivering high quality imagery. The walls are made up of many smaller screens that work together to display a large viewing area. Video wall displays can be disrupted if the screens have bezels, which cause breaks in the image and detract from the completed images. Seartec specialises in Sharp displays, due to the fact that Sharp has invested in technological innovations that eliminate this problem, making them a leader in video wall displays. With their ultra-thin bezel, Sharp video walls display a near seamless image. Additionally, the screens are controlled by software that can split content such as images or video to each screen or display one single image. These screens have a high resolution, and high refresh rate for incredible clarity and vibrancy and are ideal for digital signage, advertising campaigns, television studios or even outdoor entertainment venues.

Touch screensSharp-PN-Y555-d

Today’s consumer is tech-savvy and accustomed to accessing content at the touch of a button or flick of a finger. Smart marketers can use touch-screen technology to create interactive campaigns that draw customers in. Sharp’s highly-responsive Interactive touch screens are LCD back-lit, using energy efficiently and preventing light leakage to display truly bright white and colour images. These screens are also incredibly useful in a corporate environment or in hospitality venues as interactive signage.

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