Interactive Whiteboards Can Increase Collaboration and Save Money

Smart features and design have helped establish the interactive whiteboard as a handy tool in the boardroom. Aside from replacing traditional projector-based systems, the digital interactive whiteboard offers computer integration, ease-of-use and multi-device connectivity to turn the boardroom into an engaging digital platform. The digital interactive whiteboard is also a more energy efficient alternative to projectors – capable of running for days at time.

The interactive whiteboard brings people together, while at the same time, saving you time and money.

Integration of various pieces of equipment is one of the main reasons why the interactive whiteboard has gained such a loyal business following. Combining devices such as a touch screen, a PC monitor and video-conferencing system not only reduces cost but also saves space in the boardroom.

With integration capabilities, the interactive whiteboard allows seamless video conferencing between participants from around the world. Digital interactive whiteboards can communicate with each other enabling real time updates to presentations and documents.

While saving on business travel costs and accommodating conflicting work schedules, the interactive whiteboard also eliminates the back and forth sharing of updated documents via email.

Interactive whiteboards help increase collaboration and idea sharing in and out of the board room.

Traditional projectors usually allow for a one-way flow of information, while using an interactive whiteboard enables more than one individual to participate – improving engagement in the boardroom. A high definition backlit LED display ensures that everyone in the boardroom can clearly see presentations from any angle and in any light.

Using a stylus or their finger, participants can directly jot down their comments onto the board eliminating the need for everyone to bring in their own device. The less time is focused on how to effectively communicate ideas, the more time can be spent on conceptualising business strategies.

Integrating the digital interactive whiteboard with a PC enables you to use office software and other business applications and adjust spreadsheets or documents in real time. Easily share presentations with those not present in the board room by directly saving from the interactive whiteboard onto a USB drive or simply emailing the presentation from the interactive whiteboard.

Interactive whiteboards seamlessly integrate with other office devices.

Accessing the web via your laptop’s internet connection enables you to carry out quick online searches while in the middle of a conference, as well as send notes and updated tasks from the board via email. Video calls also become much richer experiences thanks to interactive whiteboards.

Further, connecting the interactive whiteboard to the office network allows for document sharing with other devices like a multifunctional printer. This enables you to send documents directly to the printer where they can be saved or further edited before printing hardcopies –minimising the need for taking minutes. Hard copies can also be scanned in and sent to the interactive whiteboard where they can again be edited, saved or printed out.

Want to increase engagement in the boardroom? Our Sharp interactive whiteboards can help your business achieve greater levels of collaboration while also saving you money.

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