Simple, streamlined and smart: using workflows for a thriving business

Increased Workflow Productivity

Businesses need innovation and creativity to thrive, as well as an engaged and productive workforce. When employees are bogged down slogging through mundane and repetitive tasks, this drains their creativity and their time. Using automated workflows in an office environment can help with this issue, by creating systematic processes that organise and simplify certain tasks. This frees up staff to focus on bigger issues.

Don’t drown in documents

Paperwork can quickly become a nightmare for any business, particularly when it comes to storing important documents. Using a multifunction printer (MFP) with document management solutions is a surprisingly neat and clever way to capture and store documents. Some multifunction printers allow you to store as many as 20 000 pages on their hard drive. These can be password protected for maximum security and can be easily searched via the MFP control panel. Through these MFPs it is also possible to electronically archive documents that have been scanned or printed for indexing and storing. Because digitised records cost less and are easier to store, find, and manage, you save valuable resources including money and time, increasing workplace efficiency and reducing office costs.

For example, the Sharp MX-B382 (allows for scanning to a desktop, a network folder, or multiple email addresses. Sharpdesk document management software will help manage and stores files of any format, as well as manipulate them (for example, by combining them into new multipage documents). The MX-B382’s 80GB hard drive gives you the option to quick file temporarily, advanced file for long term archiving and even saving to a password-protected folder that can be shared on a workgroup. This is extremely convenient for firms that print contracts, legal documents or other classified documents.

Let your MFP do the hard work

Sharp Workflow ManagementCollating document packs for stapling, saving paper by printing double sided or printing A5 and folding and stapling booklets are fiddly, time-consuming tasks. There are a number of MFPs that can automate these finishing options, and will collate and staple documents, fold and staple booklets and print double sided pages at the touch of a button.

Create automatic settings that save costs

Create print policies that encourage cost saving measures, such as default print settings that use greyscale or daft mode to save toner, mandatory double-sided printing and even requiring a password to print large or full-colour documents. It doesn’t have to be complicated to implement this in the office – use PaperCut software for a quick and easy way to slash business printing costs in an automated fashion.

Selecting the right multifunction copier for a business is one of the most underestimated ways of creating smooth and streamlined office workflows. The right machine or machines will help elevate office productivity, which is why it is critical to find the perfect fit for your business. Seartec has a range of Sharp multifunction copiers to match the needs of any organisation, no matter their size or requirements. Visit our website or call us 0800 474 277 for expert advice on taking your office technology to the next level.

Workflow Productivity