4 marketing trends you shouldn’t ignore in 2016

As 2016 begins in earnest, many organisations are looking at the hottest trends in marketing for this year, in order to update their strategy accordingly. To remain competitive, it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse of what the savviest marketers will be focusing on in 2016.

Don’t isolate digital marketingmarketing using digital signage

Given the ubiquity of mobile and digital technology, many experts are arguing that digital marketing should not be separated from other types of marketing. Instead, using digital platforms should be integrated across all the various marketing efforts made by an organisation. The use of innovative displays such as digital signage, video walls and touch screens, as well as the use of video content instead of static imagery, allows businesses to engage with customers in a dynamic way. Digital signage can display social media feeds, live feeds on events as they happen, a pre-set playlist of changing content, and much more. This type of signage can also be changed instantly and updated frequently at a lower cost.

Location, location, location

Digital displays can also be used to tap into another big trend for 2016 – location-based marketing. Reach out to your customer base at the point of sale or whilst they are attending your event by sending out news or notifying them about promotional offers in real time, or encouraging them to share their experiences immediately on social media. Other technology to consider includes iBeacons, which are small transmitters that detect and send content to nearby devices, and well-designed, user-friendly apps.

Build better relationships

Marketers have been talking about relationship building as a core component of marketing for years – but recently, technology has expanded to make this possible in exciting and novel ways. From instant discussions and real time feedback from customers on social media, to interactive content designed for mobile devices or touch screen displays, it is possible for brands to have honest and meaningful conversation with consumers that makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated, which is vital in building brand loyalty.

Build capacity in-house

marketing collateralWith multifunction printers advancing to the point of being collateral production powerhouses, printing marketing material in-house is easy and convenient. Purchasing an MFP that can print in vibrant full colour, trim and saddle stitch brochures, produce large format items such as banners and even fold flyers will save money in the long term, shorten lead time and allow for flexibility.

Why waste money on commercial printing that results in large quantities of collateral that becomes outdated before you can use it all? Instead, use in-house printing to produce the exact quantity needed and update material with new information in a flash. If you are concerned about quality, research a machine that can print to professional standards. The Sharp MX-7500N uses the Fiery Print Controller to match pantone colours so that any print job comes out perfectly to specification and has a large number of finishing options.

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