Business Flexibility – Adapting to a New Way of Living and Working

No one could have anticipated the way COVID 19 has changed the lives of billions of people around the world, for both businesses and individuals alike. With the need to stop operations entirely or work from home to prevent the spread of the virus, businesses have quickly had to learn to adapt under these working conditions and requirements, rethinking the way they do business and how they operate as a whole.

And this way of flexible thinking and operations is going to need to extend well into the future. We learnt the hard way that it doesn’t pay to be fixed and inflexible, and long after the COVID pandemic subsides we’ll have to operate in a way that won’t leave us vulnerable in the face of the unexpected. Here are some ways you can operate to not only save on operational costs but work effectively no matter the situation.

Remote Operations

While many of us have been forced to work from home or at reduced capacity in the workplace, we’ve quickly come to realize that with the right systems in place we can operate just as efficiently at home as we would in the office. Many businesses are taking the opportunity to move to complete remote operations, enabling their employees to work from home on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

We’re all for people working remotely if need be. Seartec’s Fleet Manager is a software program that gives you the power to monitor and control your copier fleet no matter where you are. It’s easy to operate, allowing you to automatically schedule and request maintenance, or keep track of your toners and have the Seartec team order and deliver your refills before you run out.

Flexible Working Hours

With staff working from home more companies can consider adopting a flexible work schedule, which not only improves the quality of life for all staff involved but is shown to improve efficiency and productivity. It also reduces absenteeism, as staff don’t need to take a full day off work to get to an appointment or run errands in the day.

Flexible Lease Agreements

In these uncertain times where nothing seems to be set in stone, companies are quickly realizing they need to be able to act quickly should situations change. While their operations and methods were once static, now they’ve needed to take on new and improved strategies. These strategies need to be diverse and open-ended to give them room to adapt and overcome whatever challenges are thrown their way.

Into the future businesses are going to be more inclined to flexible lease agreements, and this can extend beyond your rental space. By opting for leased equipment rather than purchasing them, you can manage your equipment use to match your workflow and the demand for your business. Short-term rental contracts are also more appealing, as you can avoid being locked into strenuous contracts. Hence, Seartec offers flexible short-term printer rentals and financing options to keep businesses quick on their feet, with room to upgrade and downgrade to ensure demand never outweighs supply and vice versa.

Flexible Business Goals

We’ve learnt the lesson now harder than ever before that we can’t rely on estimates and goals to see us into the future, and we can’t afford to be rigid and unmoving in even the fundamentals of our business. Entire companies have needed to rebrand themselves or reshape their business with the COVID crisis, changing their offering or taking on new products to meet demands and better suit the market that has emerged.

So when looking into the future, keep in mind that your profit margins may not be what you expected for this year, or even the next few years after that. Your client base and its size can change, so give yourself room to manoeuver and rework your goals and expectations, and never rely entirely on those goals coming to fruition. You should have something to fall back on should you not reach your targets.

Let Seartec Help Give You Room to Adapt and Reshape your Operations

While it may be daunting, a good take away from these trying times is that it gives us a chance to relook at our business operations and shape them into something new and exciting. Businesses have discovered that a more flexible approach actually saves them time and money. At Seartec we are ready to assist and empower your new working methods, with our fleet manager on hand for your remote operations, and flexible financial and lease agreements on your essential printing equipment. Contact us today if you’d like to adopt our services.