Challenges Faced by Small Businesses in South Africa

Challenges Faced By Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, I’m sure you know there are more challenges faced by small businesses than you first thought there might be. Ranging from financial to building a proper client base.

The first step to overcoming the challenges faced by small businesses is to list them, understand them and then find a way to get past them.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into helping YOU understand what steps and precautions need to be taken in order to prevent mishaps and confusion.

Four Challenges faced by Small Businesses:

1. Money Management

This is first on the list as it is probably one of the most important aspects of having a successful business. If you do not have your money in order, things can go pear shaped at a very fast pace and can result in a load of stress to deal with.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is budget, and to budget properly. By this, we mean that you need to have money outside of your spending budget in order to be covered for any unexpected mishaps that can take place at any given time. They have always said that prevention is better than cure and this counts for business too.

Another tip is to know how to handle your money once the cash flow comes in. It can be done by the individual, but hiring someone to help with bookkeeping and accounts might be a good idea.

2. Time, Time, Time

We have all heard that “time is money” and you can only really understand it once you have experienced the meaning behind it. Planning is a vital part of this, as you need to hit certain deadlines and keep things flowing smoothly and functionally.

You need to sit down and find a schedule that is sustainable and adjustable to suit the business at all times. No one wants to be running around with too little time and too much left to do. The more stress there is on yourself, the more it will reflect on your business.

Take the time (ironic, yes) to find a way to fit everything into your planning and this way, you will have fewer challenges and bigger success.

3. Lack of Planning and Research

This is a very common mistake made by many entrepreneurs and we want to help you prevent it from causing unforeseen troubles.

Before starting off anything, you need to have done research on everything related to the market you are focusing on. This includes competitor research, setting certain goals, market research, current trends, ways of advertising and a plan to follow along.

You cannot simply dive head first into a business without spending quality time finding the right and efficient way to do it, in order to have sustainability and build trust. If you have put together a physical and logical business plan, then you start from step number one and work your way through it.

4. Getting a client base

Generally, people get pretty hyped up about a new product, service or business opening. Especially if it is in their local surrounding areas, or a very common area. But the catch is, that they will only know about it if you make them aware of it.
It is also very hard to build a sustainable, profitable client base as people prefer sticking to what they know and the places they have adopted as their “go-to” spot.
No matter what industry you are in, top quality client service is so important to building a client base. When people like something, they talk about it. They tell their friends, they tell their family and they tell it to their social following online through different platforms.
Quality over quantity and sustainability over a quick fix.

The Conclusion of Challenges Faced by Small Businesses:

All in all, it all comes down to knowing what you want and making a proper plan to get there. There will be trial and error, frustration and stress, but if you take it step by step with the initiative to be successful, the outcome could be better than expected.

There are many challenges faced by small businesses and we hope that this has helped you clear some of them out of the way. It’s all about planning, and planning takes time. Never rush into something that you want to succeed in. The more effort and attention to detail, the more it will flourish and grow.

Stay focused, stay motivated and ALWAYS keep your end goal in mind with anything and everything that you do.

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