Choose a microwave that works hard in the kitchen

Sharp microwaves are the customers choice

Whipping up gourmet meals can be a fun pastime but even the most enthusiastic chefs need a means of cooking that is quick and hassle free. The microwave oven has become a kitchen staple over the years but selecting the right model can be difficult, given the range of options that exist on the market. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, recommends considering the following points when purchasing a microwave:

What microwave size do you need?

A microwave can be compact or large, which not affects the counter space occupied but also the microwave power, measured as wattage. Larger microwave ovens have a higher wattage, which determines how quickly and efficiently food can be cooked or reheated.

What additional features add to convenience and the range of food which can be cooked?

If the microwave oven has settings that can be altered or programmable/built in Is-microwave-cooking-healthy-1024x768cooking settings, it is easier to select the correct option for certain food types. Some foods such as stews need a lower percentage power. Certain microwave ovens even incorporate humidity sensor, which can detect moisture levels and adjust cooking time and power accordingly. A defrost setting is also very useful, as it can thaw out frozen meats, for example, without drying them out.

Microwaves that combine convection functionality with a grill are also extremely useful for preparing a far wider range of dishes without sacrificing flavour or texture. Whilst traditional convection microwave ovens can cause sogginess in certain foods – think of reheating pizza! – a grill function browns and crisps food via a heating element, but retains the speed and convenience of a microwave. The grill function can also be used to roast or bake, transforming a microwave into a kitchen powerhouse. Sharp’s Fairlady Best Buy award winning R990N and the similarly fantastic R960N microwave ovens are considered to be top choices in the range of microwaves available in South Africa. Marrying sleek and modern design with an array of features, including a convection and grill function, it is no wonder that Fair Lady magazine gave the R990N their stamp of approval – rating it “Consumer Best Buy for 2014”. According to them, “There’s not much this microwave can’t do.” Both the R990N and the R960N feature a spacious 40 litre capacity and a powerful wattage of 850W, while still maintaining energy efficiency. There are many automatic programmes included with both these microwave ovens for ease of use, and they come with a handy recipe booklet for adventurous cooks. These microwaves determine optimum cooking time based on food weight, have a humidity sensor and three defrost options. They even have two shelves for two-layer cooking, making food preparation time even quicker.

Best choice in microwaves - Sharp

For information on the R990N or R960 microwave ovens go to our website or call +27 (0)800 474 277 for an obligation-free quote from one of Seartec’s account executives.