Guide to choosing payroll software for the small business

As the owner of a small business, it’s up to your company to handle all financial matters so everything’s taken care of and everyone is happy. Payroll is a huge responsibility for business owners of all types. As a small business owner, it’s something that you must get right in order to keep all of your employees paid and satisfied.

time-and-attendanceAs you are about to learn, there are many payroll software solutions available to business owners. In an effort to make this easier on you, here are a few pros and cons about our top 10 favorite small business payroll software suites. It’s up to you to determine which solution best meets the needs of your company.

Our 10 Favorite Small Business Payroll Software Suites

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for Accountants

What we like: many small business owners already use QuickBooks. It is a great solution for existing QuickBooks users because it already integrates into the software that you’re using to manage company finances. It provides enhanced payroll functionality and makes it easy to process payroll.

What we don’t like: this form of payroll software is only compatible with QuickBooks. It will not work with any other type of accounting software.

Kronos Workforce Central

What we like: this software has excellent features including absence management, attendance, time, payroll, scheduling and more. This software suite is perfect for small businesses of every type. They even offer training so that you can learn how to use the software and take advantage of all of the many wonderful features.

What we don’t like: it’s very expensive. And in some instances it will even require specialized equipment to operate.


What we like: this software makes it easy to streamline the entire payroll process and has excellent features including benefits management, time sheet tracking and comprehensive payroll features. It’s very easy to adjust pay rates and you have the option to use the software via a subscription model or purchase the full system and install it on your network.

What we don’t like: when compared to other competitors, this cloud-based solution is lacking and it suffers from reduced mobile functionality.

CenterPoint Payroll

What we like: this is a strong choice as far as automated payroll solutions go for small businesses. It has many fantastic features including online payroll access, health benefit features, 401(k) options, check printing, direct deposit and more. This software specifically helps lower the amount of time needed to handle payroll and maximize overall efficiency.

What we don’t like: some small business owners needed additional features. They are required to purchase add-on modules or third party programs to meet all of their needs.

Patriot PAY

What we like: as far as payroll software suites for small businesses are concerned, this is one of the cheaper options. It offers a wide variety of features, including state and federal tax filing, free tech support, direct deposit, paycheck printing, printing reports, and much more.

What we don’t like: it can only handle 50 employees, and certain important features must be purchased as add-ons.


What we like: Clockspot is payroll software that does it all. It’s hosted on the web, so no additional hardware or software installations are required. Plus, it does so much more than just manage payroll. It lets employees clock in and clock out from anywhere, using any device; it has task delegation capabilities; it tracks employee attendance, absences, and vacation/sick day accruals; and handles job cost calculations and payroll accuracy with the greatest of ease.

What we don’t like: there’s nothing to complain about when it comes to Clockspot. We really love this low-cost payroll and time tracking online service.

Paramount Software Crest Payroll

What we like: this software is completely web-based. Another excellent feature is that everything is available without having to pay for additional add-on modules. It supports employees across multiple states and has wholesale payroll options.

What we don’t like: honestly, we like everything about this software. As long as they continue to stay the course, we’ll never have anything negative to say.

Ascentis Payroll

What we like: it’s much more than a simple payroll platform; it’s an HR management tool that is entirely web-based. It’s accurate, flexible, and designed to meet small business payroll needs. And the best part… It can reduce payroll processing time by as much as 30%.

What we don’t like: you must purchase more than one service in order to gain the full benefits of this software suite.


What we like: the user interface is simple to understand and completely intuitive. Many wonderful features are included like workforce management, payroll management, talent management, and learning management tools.

What we don’t like: it’s lacking some of the traditional features that you would normally find with other forms of payroll software. It also lacks social media applications and tools. You must pay for additional add-on modules in order to experience the full benefits of the software.

UltiPro Software

What we like: this software is great because it’s quite comprehensive and records the entire employee lifecycle. It’s perfectly easy to scale the software to meet the individual needs of small business owners. The company has more than 2300 customers and some of their most famous include Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Adobe.

What we don’t like: they do not offer standard pricing. You must contact the company in order to get a detailed quote.time-keeping-software

As you can see, choosing payroll software can be tricky, but this guide has been designed to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the various payroll solutions to aid you in choosing the right solution for your business.