Choosing The Right Cash Register or Point-of-Sale System

Choosing between a cash register and a point of sale (POS) system can seem like a complicated task. Although POS systems offer more advanced cash, stock and sales management and analysis functionality, they are not always the best fit for a business. Budget plays a role, as a cash register is more affordable. For smaller businesses that conduct simpler transactions, a cash register is a more practical alternative.

Seartec is able to provide any business with the Sharp product that suits their needs. The Sharp ER-A420 electronic cash register is user-friendly, reliable and comes with an array of standard features that make it excellent value-for-money. It is safe and secure, with a heavy-duty lockable drawer and a drawer-open sensor. It has powerful software that can generate extensive management reports. These include: A full report that is used as a business audit report; department sales, with the capacity for up to 99 departments; the number of transactions hourly over a 24-hour period; sales and media accountability for up to 20 cashiers; auditing of an individual’s sales and media accountability, one person at a time and a full accounting of cash and checks in drawer. This allows for rapid access to business information. The software also has auto keys and a training mode for even greater convenience. For crisp, clear receipts, the printer is an integrated high-speed 2-station thermal printer with graphic logo capability.

The powerful and versatile Sharp UP-820N POS system is the logical choice for larger and more complex businesses, such as those with multiple locations, or hospitality businesses. It can keep up with even the busiest of stores, is easy to use with a touch screen and has been optimised for use in dim light. It has an SD card interface for quick and simple backup of data and software, and with Ethernet capability, up to 32 terminals can be connected with one central terminal for convenience when closing and totalling.

The sophisticated software allows supports promotions and combo meals, so that sales can be driven by targeted specials and offers. The broad range of reporting options allows for sales history analysis and investigation of trends and variances, not only within a single location but, with the optional Sharp Intelligence Data Enterprise, between multiple locations. Other optional modules provide tools for graphic reporting, data export, and inventory control. The UP-820N allows flexible payment options such as credit and debit card payments or gift card processing, as well as cash. The POS systems in the series are upgradeable to match business expansion, through the connection of features such as a barcode scanner, a coin dispenser, a 2-line 20 character pole display and a ViVOpay™ contactless payment device.

Seartec also offers excellent after-sales service and support, and a range of rental and finance options to suit any business and any pocket. It’s a one-stop-shop for integrated solutions, aimed at Solving Smart.