Cooking and Baking are a Breeze with the Sharp R990N Microwave

Sharp microwave

Microwave ovens are a kitchen staple: they offer speed and convenience when preparing and reheating food. But technology has become even more advanced, allowing microwave ovens to become a powerful tool for those who love to create kitchen masterpieces. There are two types of microwave, grill microwaves and convection microwaves.

Grill microwaves

The Sharp R-990N Microwave combines the ease-of-use of a microwave with the traditional cooking method of grilling, which keeps food crisp and prevents sogginess. The microwave cooks food as normal but has an added grilling function in the form of a heating element which browns and grills the food. Pizza lovers, especially, will enjoy the way a grill microwave maintains a crunchy pizza crust when reheating. Cooking meat with the grill microwave also gives it a seared and juicy flavour, making it far more appetizing. The grill function can be switched on or off, and when in use, food is placed on a special rack to bring it closer to the heating element. One benefit of a grill microwave is that you do not need to monitor food as closely as you would have to if cooking food under a grill in an oven.

Convection microwaves

A convection microwave, such as the Sharp R-20BM, is a handy kitchen appliance with a range of functions, due to the extra fans and bulbs. It cooks food in a similar manner to an oven, by heating food with heating elements and circulating the hot air with a special fan. This means that these microwaves can cook a very wide variety of foods such as roasts, and bakers can use this microwave to bake things like pies, cakes and cookies. A convection microwave cooks food very quickly, and can cook a far wider variety of foods than a grill microwave, but doesn’t offer the flavour that grilling imparts to certain foods. Fortunately, Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, offers an option where kitchen gurus do not have to choose between the two. The Sharp R990N is a powerful dual purpose grill and convection microwave. Big enough to cook family-sized meals, the microwave uses two shelves to enable two-layer cooking. A humidity sensor gives you flexibility to cook a wide range of menu options and the auto cook function has eight different menus that allow you to enter the weight of the food, so that the microwave can determine the correct cooking time to cook food to perfection every single time. The express defrost function allows for fast and efficient defrosting of three popular types of food. The microwave oven also has a food timer for convenience in determining when your food is done cooking.

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