Digital signage is revolutionising the way that we communicate

In an increasingly cluttered market space where brands jostle for attention, it can be difficult to make an impact. Already, consumers are used to a constant flow of information and imagery. In order to really connect, communication has to be fresh and innovative.

Digital signage has the potential to deliver on these requirements, with fantastically futuristic ideas that are already beginning to filter down into the next generation of signage.

From a practical perspective, digital signage is more convhenient than print media, as new campaigns can simply be broadcast on the screen, with no cost attached to printing billboards, posters or signage. It’s also more environmentally friendly for the same reason. Here are a few trends that are starting to become a reality:
Sweeping scale
As pioneers in the digital signage industry, such as Sharp, produce monitors with ultra-high resolution and high-performance LCD screens, it becomes possible to design large format monitors that display crisp images and brilliant colours in any light. These slim yet durable screens possess a super-slim bezel that allow them to be laid out in an uninterrupted multi-screen format for massive-scale video walls. These can be used to stunning effect in any number of different spaces from shopping malls to showrooms to television studios.

Tactile experiences
Display monitors with touchscreens will allow customers to manipulate and interact with displayed content. Customers can flick through 3D models of products, change their colour and style with a touch, see what is in stock and place and order, all off of a screen placed in-store. Consumers are used to having flexibility and convenience at their fingertips – so don’t let a shopping experience disappoint. In hospitality, hotels can provide digital signboards that function as virtual concierges, with guests being able to locate things like tourist information and maps on the interactive portal.

Make it personal
Imagine an advertisement on a digital sign that altered when you walked past it, to display content relevant to your demographic. Facial recognition software can make this possible. This software can detect basic traits like race, sex and estimated age and weight, in order to communicate with people on a more individual and targeted level.

Love that pair of new shoes, or enjoying a meal at a trendy new restaurant? Digital signage campaigns will integrate with social media to help people share content about brands and experiences that they love. Content displayed on signage will also be more social-media oriented: from using QR codes for instant product information or promotional downloads or displaying up-to-the-minute Twitter feeds or Instagram shots taken by customers.

The sky is the limit
New technology is developing rapidly and experts are envisioning advertising campaigns that make use of holograms, transparent OLEDs that turn glass walls and windows into billboards without sacrificing visibility, and transforming digital signs into computing portals that allow access to the internet via a cellphone or hand gesture. The possibilities for smart and strategic communicators are endless.

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