3 tips on how to shop smart for Back to School essentials

Stationery Supplies

The end of the school year has arrived and although families are getting ready to celebrate the much-awaited holidays, smart shoppers know that back-to-school purchases shouldn’t be left to the last minute. As children move through the grades, their stationery needs grow. Seartec has some tips on how to cut through the clutter of the school stationery list, particularly when it comes to more complex items such as calculators.

Seartec | Back to SchoolMake a list

Many schools provide a checklist of items needed for the lower grades. If one isn’t provided, there are a number available to download online. Or simply sit down and write one out – it may seem like a small thing but having a list keeps you focused and helps to save time and energy when you are searching through busy stores.

Get a head start

Don’t be tempted to leave the shopping until the last minute. Popular/most-needed items can sell out fast, and battling through crowds and standing in long queues is unnecessarily stressful. Shop early and avoid the hassle, and keep an eye out at your local grocery stores for special promotions on items such as examination pads and pens – and then stock up for the year.

Do some smart calculationsBack to School made easier by Seartec

A good calculator can be a powerful tool to help your child to build a strong foundation in mathematics. Some calculators have additional functionality to help children to learn and practice concepts. A good quality calculator will also last for many years, through school and into university. Sharp calculators such as the EL-W535HT and EL-W506 are high-quality, durable and packed with features, including:

  • An easy-to-read WriteView function that shows numbers, fractions and symbols on the screen exactly as they are written in the textbook
  • A quick and easy time conversion function that converts seconds to minutes and performs time calculations
  • The entire Sharp range features permutations, combinations and factorial buttons
  • The EL-W506 offers a fantastic equation solver mode for help with simultaneous equations, great for the higher grades/AP maths
  • The unique Sharp Drill Mode on both the EL-W535HT and the EL-W506 is a mental maths practice mode that helps give students an edge when it comes to basic mathematical concepts
  • Table mode allows the user enter an equation into the calculator and it will calculate the corresponding co-ordinate pairs in an unlimited range.

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