Electronic Whiteboards are perfect for business or education

Interactive, versatile and integrated – An electronic whiteboard is technology that makes perfect sense in a business or educational environment. The screen can be drawn on and annotated with a stylus pen, and is an elegant upgrade from flipcharts and traditional whiteboards. An electronic whiteboard can be seamlessly incorporated into office systems such as networks, scanners and multifunction printers, meaning that material created on the board can be printed, saved to a computer or emailed. Printed information can likewise be scanned in, imported to the whiteboard and edited on-screen. The whiteboard can run almost all types of computer software, meaning that it can be used to surf the internet, edit text and images and play media files.

Flexible and convenient, the electronic whiteboard is an obvious choice for:

The classroom or lecture hall

Electronic whiteboards foster collaborative learning and the fun, easy-to-use platform keeps audiences focused and engaged. Various types of media content can be used to enrich study materials, training and lecture notes, which can be edited and manipulated in real-time. This powerful learning tool is not only a way of stimulating learners and expanding learning opportunities, but can be a significant cost-saver too, eliminating the need for equipping IT rooms or giving students individual laptops. Teachers can become far more creative in the way they design and present content; while students are able to become actively involved in lessons. An electronic whiteboard also promotes and facilitates brainstorming sessions and group discussions. It is simple enough for even very young school-goers to use, but with such a wide array of features that any classroom – and students of any age – would benefit.

The office

Electronic whiteboard technology can take presentations and vide oconferences to new levels. Speedy and secure communication between whiteboards means that parties in different locations can participate in meetings and edit material as it is being presented. This means slick and efficient corporate communication, and more engaging and productive business meetings. All business software can be used, such as Powerpoint and Excel, for reviewing designs, analysing spreadsheets, taking notes and conducting brainstorming sessions. This makes electronic whiteboards an intuitive fit for businesses of any size, from the small start-up to large corporations.

The Sharp Interactive Whiteboard is an advanced whiteboard with a number of highly-developed features that make it perfect for use in the classroom or boardroom. The 1.8m high-definition touchscreen LCD monitor is designed for absolute visual clarity, and the LED backlight allows it to be used in any lighting with no interference. The internal cooling system means that the board can be used for extended periods and the advanced Sharp open-source architecture has been designed for seamless integration with any software. Follow the links for more information on the Sharp Interactive Whiteboard or to request a free and detailed quotation, or call 0800 474 277.