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Equipping an office can be time consuming and labour intensive. It requires comparing the price and features of items such as multi-function printers in order to ensure value for money, and shopping around for suppliers for various items such as consumables. Even office security and time management system solutions need to be considered.

Efficient and Convenient Customer Experience

Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, is always seeking ways to make the customer experience efficient and convenient, which is why they have acquired a portfolio of companies in order to diversify their product offerings. Their pre- and post-sales service is also unparalleled, giving clients an additional layer of support and peace of mind.

Versatile Sharp Product Range

The Seartec Group includes the sale of a versatile Sharp product range; Limtech Security Solutions, OfficeBox, an online stationer supplier. Each component of Seartec’s offering has been carefully selected in order to complement each other, for a comprehensive office solution.

Office Automation and Technology Products

Seartec’s office automation and technology products are innovative and quality-guaranteed. Multifunction copiers increase productivity, while state-of-the-art digital display solutions and interactive whiteboards make communication seamless. OfficeBox - Online Stationery


For further convenience OfficeBox offers online ordering and swift delivery to provide stationery at cost, saving up to 40% on office supplies, making Seartec a one-stop-shop for keeping any business up and running.


Maximise Office Security

Limtech Security Solutions

To protect valuable assets, Limtech’s range of access control products and biometric fingerprint recognition maximise office security, and track timekeeping and attendance. Their fire detection and suppression systems will minimise risk to premises and equipment.

Customer-centric Approach

Finally, Seartec has a customer-centric approach that begins before a sale is made, with Account Executives trained to provide excellent service and a needs assessment for a bespoke solution for each client. Unique and flexible finance options are available to help with cash flow and allow for technology upgrades.

Seartec knows the value of time and how the loss of productivity can have profound negative effects, and thus will give clients software training and after-sales service such as product servicing and troubleshooting. Seartec has hand-picked a selection of passionate business experts that strive to evolve the company to meet the needs of any business in a fast-paced corporate environment.

The full range of what Seartec has to offer can be viewed at on our website. For an obligation-free quote or a needs analysis, contact us or call 0800 474 277.

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