Equipping An Office Is As Simple as 1,2,3 – Or Rather, MX-B382

Seartec and Productivity

Starting a small or medium sized business can be daunting – There are a number of staffing and technological requirements that need to be met whilst carefully managing a budget. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp products, recognises the unique needs of small to medium enterprises and offers a multifunction printer that is an ideal option.

Compact yet powerful, the SHARP MX-B382 combines printing, scanning, photocopying and even faxing functionality, eliminating the inconvenience of having to buy individual machines for each of these tasks, and offering increased value for money.

The MX-B382 also features an environmentally conscious design in-line with Sharp’s commitment to eco-friendliness. This also means pocket friendliness, as the energy-saving modes keep running costs down, as do the long-life toner cartridges. Reduce paper usage with the built-in stackless duplex module which prints and copies on both sides of the page. The compact nature of this machine doesn’t detract from its superb print quality. Printing at 1200 DPI resolution means crisp and clear text and images, at an impressive 38 page-per-minute engine speed and the option to scale up to a capacity of 2100 sheets to optimise productivity.

One extremely unique and useful feature is the document filing function that comes standard on the MX-B382. With an 80 gigabyte hard drive, the MX-B382 allows for the storage of jobs for re-use, either in a quick file for temporary storage or advanced filing for long-term storage. A thumbnail screen preview of archived documents makes retrieving them quick and easy.

The MX-B382 also gives business owners peace of mind with its security options. While this multifunction printer is fully network enabled, it is possible to encrypt and password protect confidential files so that only authorised staff can view them. It is also possible to restrict access to the printer entirely, so that non-approved devices are denied from using the MX-B382.

Sharp MX-B382

The MX-B382 eliminates the need for several machines with it’s all-in-one convenience.

This MFP is supremely easy to use, with a 7-inch touchscreen LCD with a logical control panel and programmable menu for often-used functions and settings. Other features designed to provide seamless service and increase office productivity include two USB ports, making it possible to use the MFP’s printer function without a PC or scan directly to a memory stick. The optional business card feeder scans business cards for a virtual filing system that can’t get lost or gather dust on a desk. And the optional finishing module takes on time-consuming tasks such as sorting and stacking up to 30 pages of a single document, and even stapling jobs. The MX-B382 from Sharp can take any business to the next level and is a sound and robust investment.

Seartec also adds value to any Sharp product purchase by providing pre- and post-sales service and support that is unparalleled. Training, software provision, and troubleshooting: Seartec takes the business needs of each client very seriously and strives to go above and beyond the call of duty for each customer. For an obligation free quote on the MX-B382 or any of Seartec’s other top-quality Sharp products, call +27 (0)800 474 277.

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