Seartec Ready To Shine

Business Innovation

Fast Company SA features Mark McChlery & Bob Skinstad’s Visionary Plan for Solving Smart. Chief Disruptors: This is how FAST COMPANY magazine describes Seartec’s Mark McChlery and Bob Skinstad in the first ever South African edition of the fastest growing business magazine ever. FAST COMPANY is a progressive magazine for business innovators, which is why a feature on Seartec was a perfect fit. The article details the passion and energy that Skinstad and McChlery have put into their game-changing plans for Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp.

Mark McChleryAs Robbie Stammers, publishing editor says, “FAST COMPANY is all about a younger, new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business”. This perfectly describes the efforts by McChlery and Skinstad, and their Seartec team, to breathe new life into the Sharp brand.

The article highlights their entrepreneurial mindset and business savvy but notes that it is combined with optimism and dynamism: A winning combination that is sure to make Seartec a force to be reckoned with. And they are giving South African customers more than just product lines such as copiers – they are gearing the business towards providing a comprehensive “managed business solution”, complete with software, training on product use, after-sales service and a package of complimentary product lines including OfficeBox, Seartec’s online stationery offering, and Limtech, which provides comprehensive biometric and security solutions. It’s everything an office needs, found under one roof. It is this proactive thinking and ground-breaking inventiveness that made FAST COMPANY sit up and take notice of Seartec.

As the article points out, Sharp is a premier brand and a market leader in Africa. Skinstad and McChlery are determined to take on that leadership position in South Africa. Their focus on bringing value to clients is highlighted, with Skinstad pointing out that a solid, value-for-money offering wins over a flashy sales pitch every time. The strong employee focus and culture of growing and developing staff members was also mentioned in the article. McChlery and Skinstad know the benefit of employing staff who embody Seartec’s values, and staff, in turn, know they are part of a company which is going places.

Fast Company SA knows how to identify business leaders. The feature ends with a strongly positive note, one that speaks of the great things to come for Seartec: “It’s clear McChlery and Skinstad are delivering a winning game and will soon take the tournament, too.”

The full feature on Seartec can be found in the October issue of FAST COMPANY magazine.

Seartec Ready To Shine