Five things your Sharp scientific calculator CAN’T do!

Use a SHarp calculator meme

High school learners and university students are accustomed to having a scientific calculator tucked into their school bag. This trustworthy piece of technology helps students to perform complicated calculations to enrich their learning. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, is the largest distributor of Sharp calculators in the world. Amongst these is the Sharp EL-W535HT scientific calculator. This powerful and advanced calculator can perform an astonishing 338 functions, was designed with South African students in mind and is approved by the South African Department of Education. But there are some things the EL-W535HT Sharp scientific calculator just cannot do:

  • The EL-W535HT CAN’T guarantee an A average in maths.

Maths is all about applying concepts learned and practicing them. What this scientific calculator CAN do is provide students with an excellent tool that supplements their studying technique. It has four different modes, designed for different learning areas, including a drill mode which allows students to practice mental maths by giving them sets of sums.

  • The Sharp EL-W535HT Sharp scientific calculator CAN’T draw a graph.

Table mode on Sharp calculatorHowever, it CAN make drawing graphs far simpler by deriving unlimited sets of data co-ordinates from an equation, which can be used to plot a graph. Graphical calculators that can draw graphs are also not allowed in school tests and exams and many university exams.

  • Unluckily for students, the Sharp EL-W535HT CAN’T connect to the internet or take calls to help pass the time.

Instead, it CAN save time. This is due to the shortcut keys, or “D keys” which can be programmed by the user to store commonly-used key sequences. The calculator also has a 100 key-stroke memory so that a student can refer back to previous calculations. Sharp Statistics Mode

  • The Sharp EL-W535HT CAN’T write a statistics exam on anyone’s behalf.

But despite that, it CAN make learning about stats simpler and even fun. The fast and simple-to-use statistics mode performs calculations for single data points, grouped data, linear regressions and more.

  • For clock-watching students, the Sharp EL-W535HT CAN’T tell the time.


The nifty time function CAN help to convert fractions into units of time, convert minutes to hours and to add, subtract, multiply or divide time. In addition, this intuitively-designed calculator has WriteView, which allows students to see calculations as they are printed in a textbook.
There may not be a guaranteed way to get an A for maths. But with the Sharp EL-W535HT, students are well-equipped to tackle the curriculum.

Seartec also provides additional support in the form of the Maths at Sharp website. Students can access tutorials on how to get the most out of their calculator, and download past papers on the site.
For more information on Sharp calculators for primary and high school or university use, including financial calculators, view our calculator range or call 0800 474 277 for an obligation free quote.