Five Ways Sharp Interactive Whiteboards Revolutionise Presentations

Sharp Interactive Whiteboard

Giving a presentation in a meeting has become routine, with slide shows, data projectors and a one-way flow of information that has people secretly counting down the minutes until they can escape. Meetings don’t have to be a bore or a chore, and Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, is solving smart with an innovative piece of technology that enables interactive and dynamic meetings to increase productivity and beat the meeting blues: the Sharp Interactive Whiteboard. The touchscreen Sharp Interactive Whiteboard has a number of nifty features that make it possible to communicate, collaborate and disseminate

1.) It is five products in one

The Sharp PN-L702B Interactive Whiteboard is versatile with a number of functions, meaning that an investment into this technology can result in reduced overall expenditure on various pieces of hardware. The board functions as a whiteboard, a touchscreen, a PC monitor, a video-conferencing system and a screen for running videos and presentations.

2.) The Interactive Whiteboard is convenient and hassle-free

The LED backlit board can be used in any light, and there is need to turn off the lights during a presentation. Nor is a shadow is cast when somebody stands in front of the board. The board can be mounted on a stand with wheels for mobility and the gorilla glass display is tough and damage resistant. The board has also been designed to be left on, and can be used 24/7 for 7 consecutive years, making it any businesses’ most hard-working employee.

Sharp Interactive Whiteboard presentation

The Sharp Interactive Whiteboard in action.

3.) Software and hardware integration are seamless

SHARP’s open source architecture allows the Interactive Whiteboard to integrate with any software solution used, for example, Microsoft Office. The Whiteboard is plug and play, for added ease of use. The Whiteboard can connect with a Sharp multifunction printer, and any annotations made to documents or presentations can be saved or printed, whilst scan-to-whiteboard capability allows a person to scan a document from Sharp multifunction printer and then display it on the board to be discussed and annotated. Information can also be saved from the Whiteboard to a memory stick. More than one board can integrate with each other, allowing information shown on a central board to be viewed at satellite locations on linked Whiteboards – great for meetings between different office locations.

4.) The touch screen is smart and accurate

Sharp’s high-definition touchscreen LCD monitor is perfect for the clear and easy display of information. The Whiteboard can be written and drawn on with a touch pen, and the infrared touch capability means pin-point accuracy due to the fact that each infrared sensor detects multiple infrared LED lights to locate the position of the touch pen. Documents, presentations, still images and movies can all be displayed on-screen and annotated with the touch pen, or the board can be used exactly like a conventional whiteboard – without the annoyance of using whiteboard markers that run dry, smear and stain.

5.) The Interactive Whiteboard is pocket- and environment-friendly

The board’s power consumption is just 240W, a reduction of about 40% compared to conventional models. Lower energy consumption makes it good for the environment and cuts down on electricity use and cost. For an obligation free quotation on this or other Sharp products distributed by Seartec, call +27 (0)800 474 277 or click here and fill out the online form.

Sharp Interactive Whiteboard 2

The Sharp Interactive Whiteboard makes for a sleek office addition.

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