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Seartec Fleet Manager

Seartec Fleet Manager is a software solution that helps you to manage your copier fleet remotely and simply. The practical logistics of ordering toner or calling for MFP maintenance are taken care of so you can use your time to do more important things. Seartec Fleet Manager products are manufacturer neutral and therefore support all of the major manufacturers and model families.

Seartec Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager is a solution that tracks the toner levels of your Multi-functional Printer ( MFP ) and notifies the Seartec team when your toner is running low, so that we can deliver just in time – before you run out! Our innovative software keeps track your printer’s maintenance needs and logs these findings with our Seartec team, before any service requirements become a major problem.

Think about it, every page printed on behalf of a client is a cost to you and your business. To retrieve these costs, you need to find a way to tracking and allocating prints as effectively as you do copies, scans and faxes. With Seartec Fleet Management you can recover all your customer related print costs, all while managing your entire output fleet, creating maximum efficiency, security and ROI.

Are you concerned about Network Traffic?

Seartec Fleet Manager

Audits use an intelligent system that extracts minimal information for each printer, copier or MFP. Unlike similar products that send a fixed number of queries to every networked device, the Seartec Fleet Manager family of products only send relevant queries according to the field that the target device supports. Each device query is no more than a few Kb of data. To further reduce the amount of network bandwidth used, our Seartec Fleet Manager core engine only communicates with up to 20 devices at a single time. Each IP within the configured range will be queried and if no response is received within the aligned timeout period, it will move onto the next IP address. Our Fleet Manager will gather information on 65,000 devices in just over one hour.

To give you peace of mind, the Seartec Fleet Manager application files have been digitally signed to prevent execution if the file integrity is compromised, this ensures that any virus is not activated and prevents spreading the virus from one network to another.

For additional assurance, Seartec Fleet Manager applications only read from networked devices and do not write to devices. Seartec Fleet Manager Onsite, communicates with the Seartec Fleet Manager Central by sending an encoded XML stream over port 80 or 443. In other words your security concerns can be put to rest as confidential data is not collected, viewed or saved by any Seartec Fleet Manager.

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