Four Ways to Boost Performance Management

Improving and maintaining the performance of your staff can be the difference between running a mediocre business and running a flourishing business. Proactive performance management is one of the most effective ways to ensure that each person’s skill is harnessed and distributed to optimise business processes. Improving the way you manage and engage your staff beyond standard evaluations and assessments can have wide reaching benefits for the business and its workforce.

1. The key to performance management is good communication.

Keeping the flow of communication open is fundamental to staff performance management. The less ambiguity there is about what duties have to be carried out, the more time and focus can be placed on getting the work done. Sharing progress or news on any company achievements, like major new clients or record profits, lets employees share in the outcomes of their hard work and further motivates them to work toward new goals.

The same goes for keeping the communication channel from your employees to the business open. Encouraging openness and showing a genuine interest in your workforce will make them feel comfortable to share their grievances, concerns or input in terms of company direction and values. The more you know about the general feeling on the ground, the easier it is to act pre-emptively to avoid any possible labour disputes or loss of valued members of staff.

2. Encourage the workforce and give them a sense of direction.

Maintaining a healthy company culture you will ensure that you get the most out of your workforce. The happier your employees are the more likely they are to work harder to achieve their own and the company’s goals. It is when both employee and employer share the same goal that they are able to shift into higher gear. Instilling a sense of belonging also assists in creating an environment conducive to innovation. When employees experience professional growth they are more likely to remain loyal, curbing high staff turnover rates and maintaining a stable workforce.

While using reports to measure performance, they serve no purpose if not accompanied by constructive feedback. Sharing the outcomes of appraisals with employees serves as a reference of their progress and can help them to determine new goals. In most cases, a formal review is the only opportunity employees have to relay their ideas to their managers or direct superiors. Scheduling monthly catch-up sessions between formal appraisals is a good way to stay on top of employee affairs.

3. Offer incentives and give employees the opportunity to improve their skills.

Incentives remain very effective tools to help increase productivity. Aside from performance and year-end bonuses, offering rewards on a continual or project outcome basis keeps the workforce motivated throughout the year.

Incentives don’t necessarily have to be monetary. Giving the employee of the month an additional leave day or allowing staff to work a half day on their birthdays can help maintain good general morale. Other initiatives like offering to pay for further education or courses relevant to the business not only build the skills of your current workforce, but also help to retain talent.

4. Make sure your workforce is well equipped.

For your workforce to perform their daily tasks optimally they need to have the right tools. Beyond the basics like stationery, computers and office equipment applications that help them perform their tasks, smart business applications help to simplify various fundamental tasks. There is nothing more frustrating than performing monotonous or redundant tasks when you know there is a software solution or app available to take care of it for you.

By further automating office processes with the use of smart technology you can increase collaboration amongst the workforce. Smart integrated business tools like interactive LED touch boards and multifunctional printers support the idea sharing process between employees by simplifying the recording and distribution of information.

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