Get the best of both worlds with the Sharp ER-A411 cash register

cash register

A point of sale system is a powerful tool for retail and hospitality businesses – packed with features that streamline sales transactions and assist staff members to work speedily and efficiently. However, not every business needs or can afford a POS Stand cash registersystem. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, has the smart solution: the ER-A411 electronic cash register.

This advanced and intelligent cash register demonstrates perfectly why Sharp is a technology industry leader. It is designed for larger businesses and has a number of the features that make POS systems so desirable. It is also durable and tough, keeping money secure.
The ER-A411 cash register uses advanced Flash Rom technology and has powerful software that can allocate prices and PLU codes to 1800 items and manages up to 20 cashiers. It can also calculate tax rates and perform currency conversions and even has a training mode to get new users up to speed rapidly.

Generating management reports to help you take control of your business
The ER-A411 can create a comprehensive range of reports – 22 in total – which can be used to keep track of cash and sales and inventory and analyse key information and track trends for better decision making. This cash register gives three nifty flash reports, which show totals on the 2-line alphanumeric backlit LCD operator display for quick, at-a-glance review. The three flash reports are the net sales of the day (plus tax), the total cash in drawer and sales tallies for departments.

Using a tillSales and inventory reports include a full general report, which combines information from all departments and transactions; a PLU range report which allows you to checks the sales of a particular item based on its PLU code and a PLU by stock report which provides inventory levels of any item. The hourly report provide sales totals in one-hourly increments for a 24-hour period. This last report is a fantastic tool for analysing when a business’ peak time is, and if additional staff members are necessary in these times.

Other reports include a transaction report which provides all related media accountability for the business day, which can justify collected monies for items sold; a full cashier report which provides sales and media accountability for up to 20 cashiers who have made sales entries; and an individual report which allows you to audit each person’s sales, as well as a commission sales report which measures sales linked to department. These can all be used to ensure staff accountability and accurately track sales intake as well as calculate sales commission.

Flexible and cutting edge, the ER-A411 cash register is an indispensable tool for any business that wants to take its productivity to the next level. For more information about the ER-A411 or any of Seartec’s other product offerings, such as additional Sharp cash registers and point of sale systems, go to the our products tab on our website or call 0800 474 277 and a Seartec account executive will assist you with an obligation-free quote.