Get maths smart for a brighter future with Maths at Sharp by Seartec

Maths at Sharp is a Seartec initiative designed to assist Maths and Maths Literacy Teachers

Maths at Sharp Resources WebsiteCreating a strong foundation in mathematics is a fundamental part of a school learner’s education. Learning mathematical concepts is not purely for the sake of passing exams, but has a powerful role to play in enhancing students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students also have increased options in terms of further studies at tertiary education institutions if they have passed and done well at maths at matric level. With South African students performing extremely poorly with regards to numeracy levels – an assessment in 2012 found that only 58.6% of Grade 6 pupils were functionally numerate- schools, teachers and parents need to work together to assist learners to understand and engage with maths – for the sake of their future.

For this reason, Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp (including a wide range of Sharp calculators) has formed the Maths at Sharp website as a resource for both teachers and students. The website provides access to a rich array of learning tools that teachers can download and use free of charge, including maths and maths literacy worksheets for Grades 8 through to 12, the memorandums for the worksheets, revision worksheets and an exam bank with exam papers. All content is compliant with the CAPS curriculum and is completely unique, developed exclusively for the Maths at Sharp site. With regular maths practice being the cornerstone of building mathematical skills, these resources can give students a powerful boost. Teachers who have accessed the Maths at Sharp site have expressed how impressed they are by Seartec’s dedication to improving numeracy and assisting teachers through the site.

One of the Maths at Sharp website users, Anelisa, had the following comments about the site:

This website is very useful also when it comes  to improving my assessment tasks it has really helped me.

This website its excellent, it minimises my time of preparation and makes life easier, it is very helpful for my learners.

For students and parents, the site also has a section that allows students to submit questions in order to get assistance, and a section on selecting the appropriate calculator for the various levels of schooling, as well as information on how to use the Sharp calculator to its full advantage. These “how to” tutorials transform a calculator into a useful tool to demonstrate and reinforce mathematical concepts. Useful articles on everything from how to cope with pre-exam nerves to maths games to play in the car can also be accessed from the site.

The website also has an interactive and engaging element in that Maths at Sharp runs competitions for school learners and additionally, selects a “School of the Month” to support with learning resources and calculators to help underprivileged children. This is part of Seartec’s ongoing commitment to community upliftment in South Africa.

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