Why going green makes smart business sense

Seartec helps your business to be energy efficient

While electricity powers nearly everything in our homes and businesses, SA faces the reality that with electricity in short supply, there is an increased cost for the end consumer. With businesses trying to cut costs and reduce waste, energy efficiency is a crucial factor to consider when buying electronic devices. It affects all electrical devices from computers, high-definition televisions, projectors to light bulbs. This means that businesses should be reducing energy consumption in all aspects of their business from the boardroom to workshops and production lines.

It is imperative for businesses as the largest consumers of power to take a green approach to their operations. While the increasing costs of energy are a main motivation for efficiency improvements, reducing climate change is another direct benefit. Investors are also looking toward companies who voluntarily earn a green status. Through better energy efficiency and reduced emissions businesses can improve their shareholder relations and improve the goodwill of the company from the public while increasing profitability.

Some ideas to help your business to become more energy efficient that are relatively quick and easy to implement include:

Smarter lighting

energyLED lights last much longer than standard bulbs, produce instant light, reduce maintenance costs, produce very little heat, are efficient and directly reduce cooling costs. There are also systems that have power-saving modes which switch lights off when rooms are not in use and dim lights on a timer, or allow you to switch off all building lights with one switch when leaving the office.

Look at paper consumption

Encouraging your office to adopt smart printing strategies and reducing wasteful printing is an obvious way to go green. Software like PaperCut allows you to track your print output and identify excessive or unnecessary printing. Using recycled paper or paper that is designated as environmentally conscious, and insisting on an office recycling strategy are also smart ways to make your office greener. Seartec Managed Print Services allows you to evaluate your print needs and reduce wastage where possible.

Don’t travel – telecommute

Reduce the carbon footprint of your business by considering alternative strategies to travel, particularly large_article_im2147_Go_greenair travel. Can you schedule a teleconference or videoconference instead of attending a meeting or making a business trip? With the sophisticated audiovisual equipment and setups available currently, this is becoming a viable option for businesses.

Invest in energy-efficient technology

Outdated office technology is power hungry. Instead, look for certified multi-function printers and electronic displays that decrease energy consumption. A leading company in this effort is Sharp. By 2013 Sharp had released 154 models across seven product lines which were Energy Star compliant and this legacy has continued over the years.

Things to look for in a multifunction printer, for example, include features such as a sleep mode and automatic shut off, which decreases power consumption during periods of inactivity; double-sided printing (look for models that can do this automatically to prevent user inconvenience); variable ink-usage settings and digital filing to reduce paper usage. Sharp MFPs offer these features as well as many others, and their Energy Star rating makes them at least 30% more efficient than standard going-greenprinters.

These are a few examples of how making small changes in a business can have a large and positive impact. Visit our website and find out how we can offer you a green solution in your office.