How Sharp calculators are shaping today’s future leaders

Education can change the world

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela believed in the power of education. He saw it as a means of liberation that allowed people to think independently and gave them the capacity to express themselves. School is the environment that shapes our future leaders. A school which lacks the right equipment will struggle to educate learners proficiently. Mathematics is a vital skill that forms the foundation of a child’s learning. Sharp calculators are designed to be intuitive – allowing learners to focus on problem solving.

Mandela lived in a time when educational resources were sparse and only a small minority had a proper education.

From his school days – where he completed his Junior Certificate in two years rather than the usual three – well into his Presidency, Mandela never stopped educating himself. Madiba’s attempts to study were full of obstacles. He was expelled from Fort Hare University for joining a protest, finally graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1943 from the University of South Africa. He began studying for his Law degree in 1952 at Witwatersrand, but left the university before completing. Ten years later, in prison, he would attempt again to no avail.

His commitment to learning was not halted by his 18 years spent on Robben Island, and a further nine years spent in Cape Town’s Pollsmoor prison. Being sentenced to hard labour on the island’s lime quarry, gave him and his cellmates the chance to share their knowledge and expertise. Mandela started the unofficial “Robben Island University” where prisoners gave lectures and held debates about their areas of knowledge during their hours in the quarry.

Today, schools and learners are far equipped with what they need to get a proper education.

Even during retirement, Madiba never stopped championing education. The Nelson Mandela Institute was set up by the former President in 2007 to address the lack of decent schooling systems in rural Africa and to create a world in which all children have access to a good education.” It is amazing to see just how much Madiba did for himself, his peers and his country in his drive to raise the standard of education.

Today, our children are afforded far more opportunities and are provided with a much better environment in which to study and learn and with the right tools to do so. Sharp calculators are just one of these tools. The Sharp EL-W535HT calculator was designed specifically for the SA CAPS curriculum and offers 4 modes that allow learners to do a large range of complex calculations it is an ideal scientific calculator for learners ages 10 and up.

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