How Fleet manager can increase productivity in your office?

Managing the practical logistics of ordering toner or calling for maintenance on your copier can be time consuming for any business. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, offers a solution with Fleet Manager, a solution that will manage these details on your behalf.

fleet manager servicesFleet Manager is a software application that tracks the toner levels of your copier and notifies Seartec when you are about to need toner so it is delivered before you require it. The software also tracks the service needs of your copier so that any requirements are logged and attended to before they become major problems to the machine.

Fleet Manager will track the number of copier prints done by a company eliminating the need for laborious meter readings. It automatically detects when usage levels on a specific copier changes so that better solutions for machines can be offered that are either over-used or underutilized and more cost effective solutions in these situations can be recommended. A great way to save money on your copier costs!

This service helps to keep your copier operating at an optimum level allowing you to focus on the core things that really matter to your business.

Call Seartec today 0800 474 277 to get this free Fleet Management software installed on your PC (applicable for any make of copier in your office) and allow Seartec to boost office productivity, saving you valuable time and money.


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