Increase the WOW factor with large-scale video walls

When it comes to creating large-scale multimedia displays with staggering impact and limitless potential, video walls are an exciting option. A video wall is a specialised, multi-display configuration which uses multiple screens tiled together to create one large screen of any chosen size. Imagery and video content are shown on this screen in a number of innovative ways, bringing content to life in a vibrant and engaging way.

Why use a video wall?In studio Sharp display

Video walls can be used in retail spaces, at conferences, in boardrooms or business receptions or even in broadcasting studios, making them a flexible and powerful marketing or audio-visual tool. The wall can display real-time data for targeted marketing or can be configured to interact with smartphones and tablets for a highly interactive customer experience. 

What kind of technology is available?

The choice of screen is an important one, because video walls of this nature are an investment, and the displays should not only be of a high quality, but built to withstand long-term use. The screens need to be able to daisy-chain the power and video between the same models for ease of use. Sharp is constantly developing better displays for consumer, business and professional requirements, and is considered a world leader in producing large format displays. Sharp displays come in a range of sizes, with a choice of landscape or portrait installation, for huge flexibility when deciding on the configuration of a video wall. The high-performance display monitors are built for constant, 24/7 use and has fan-free cooling technology to prevent overheating without noise. The high-brightness screens show colours with Video wallcrisp clarity, and can be used in any lighting condition. Sharp has also refined their screens to have an ultra-thin bezel edge – which means that numerous screens can be configured together seamlessly, giving the impression of one large screen.

A few considerations

Before deploying any video wall, a few factors need to be considered such as business needs, the size of the required display area, the total cost to purchase (the displays and if a single computer can drive all of the displays or if a multi-computer setup is needed), installation and operating cost. It should also be determined whether there is a need for interactivity or simply the display of static content. Seartec offer Digital Signage content management solutions through AVT Solutions. To ensure that the correct solution is chosen, engage with an expert who can help tailor a customised and cost-effective setup.