Interactive Whiteboards – Revolutionising the Classroom

Teaching using presentations, notes and blackboards is cumbersome and requires a number of different tools; introducing audio-visual material is even more inconvenient and interactivity is even more limited. Yet students learn more effectively through varied stimuli and information which they can engage with. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, has a flexible and multi-function solution to these challenges with the Sharp interactive whiteboard, a truly smart board.

This impressive piece of technology combines powerful features with convenience – the whiteboard has a touch screen that can be used with a finger or stylus, with a high performance infrared detection system that detects touch with great accuracy.  The Interactive Whiteboards are designed for maximum visibility, with a 70-inch screen which has a full array energy-saving LED backlight for uniform brightness, while Sharp UV2A technology ensures a crisp and brilliant colour display. The Whiteboard can be used in full light, unlike a data projector, and shadows will not block the screen or diminish image quality. The Whiteboard is constructed using leading-edge of the highest quality, incorporating an internal cooling system that allows the board to stay switched on 24/7 for an impressive 25 years!

Sharp Interactive Whiteboard

The Interactive Whiteboard has a range of presentation capabilities.

Sharp’s Interactive Whiteboard software is compatible with Windows® 7, enabling the import of Microsoft Office documents including PowerPoint presentations, for easy display of lecture notes, graphs or images. These can be annotated, edited or added to in real time, and the updated onscreen content saved. Simply plug a USB flash drive into a port on the whiteboard and save. Or connect the whiteboard to a Sharp multifunction printer (MFP) to scan documents and send them to the whiteboard for annotation, or send content edited during an interactive lesson or lecture to the MFP and print it out.

The Interactive Whiteboard can handle up to 100 open pages at once, so creating and editing large volumes of information is effortless. The video conferencing capabilities of the Sharp Interactive Whiteboard means that information onscreen can be communication to linked Whiteboards in remote locations.  This has endless possibilities for allowing learners to access content even if they cannot attend a particular location, or saves time by allowing many classes of learners to attend one lesson simultaneously.

Seartec also makes purchasing the Whiteboard convenient and provides peace of mind. The Sharp Interactive Whiteboard has a three-year onsite limited warranty. It is available as a PC and floor stand, providing additional value for money. An obligation-free quote is a click or a phone call away. Go to or call 0800 474 277.

sharp interactive display panel

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