International Print Day 2014


What you need to know about International Print Day 2014 on October 8, 2014 and how to participate…

On October 8, 2014, the global online print community will join together to share information about print through social media, using the hashtag #IPD14 on Twitter as well as the hashtag #PrintChat here in South Africa. There are also large online communities on both Facebook and on LinekedIn. As #IPD14 trends, people sharing info using #IPD14 can grow their reach and connections within the print industry, and educate people seeking information about print. So be sure to post, retweet and share! To participate just include #IPD14 on all that you share on October 8th 2014 online. If you see relevant information about the print industry in your social streams, tag it with #IPD14 and send it back out into the world online. This is the first global online education and awareness event delivered through social media for the print industry. Do not miss the opportunity to join and become a part of print history! International Print Day is a great way for people to share their knowledge about print so get on board and explore the world of print.

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