Lifetime service award for Faizel Tilly

Lifetime service award for Faizel Tilly

Faizel Tilly is the longest serving Seartec staff member and the only staff member who has been with Seartec since opening their doors in 1973. On Friday 4 July Faizel was presented with a lifetime service award for dedicating over 40 years to Seartec and the Sharp brand. Well done Faizel on this achievement!

Seartec, lifetime service award

Faizel Tilly with CMO Bob Skinstad after Faizel was given a lifetime service award.

Faizel Tilly started working for Seartec, called Sharp Electronics SA in those days, in February 1973 when the company started and has been with the company all but 6 months of the last 41 years. He started out as an invoicing clerk in the service division, and in the late 1970’s when the company switched to a computerised system he moved to the IT department. Faizel was sent for training on the Nixdorf computers that they were using at the time, where he joined a user group to help with the implementation of computer technology. It was then that Faizel became acquainted with Brian McCrindle who was the National Technical Manager at Nixdorf computers. Faizel is now a Dynamics NAV Consultant in the Seartec IT department and Brian McCrindle is the Divisional Dealer Manager at Seartec.

Faizel has been through all the changes in products, management and technology that the company has undergone over the years and he is positive about the changes that he has seen in the last six months. He retired in April 2013 but remained working for the company because he enjoys his job at Seartec. Faizel says “We are fortunate to have technologically savvy Executives at the moment that complement the technology that is being produced by Sharp and who are well equipped to take this company into an exciting future.”

Congratulations to Faizel on his lifetime service award