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The start of the 2015 school year is fast approaching and back-to-school shopping is a huge priority for parents everywhere. Seartec, proud supplier of Sharp, knows that choosing the correct calculator is a critical part of supplementing a child’s mathematics education, from primary school right through to university.

Seartec offers Sharp calculators that are appropriate for every stage in education. Here is a handy guide to picking the perfect calculator for 2015:

Basic entry-level calculator – The Sharp EL-231LH
This simple, sturdy calculator is great for grades 4 – 6, and helps with beginner mathematics. It has a square root and percentage function as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division keys.

Sharp Calculator - EL-231LB

Scientific calculator – The Sharp EL-W535HT
From grade 6 or 7 (depending on the school) students will require a scientific calculator. The EL-W535HT is an excellent buy, as it can be used right up to matric, for mathematics, accounting and business studies. It is a good supplementary tool to help learners practice mental maths, through the drill mode, which through the math option provides division, multiplication, subtraction and addition equations which need to be solved, or helps practice times tables in the table option. The calculator provides a mark for the number of correct answers. The statistics mode, useful in the higher grades, is designed for ease of use. Grade 10 – 12 students learn trigonometry and the Sharp EL-W535HT is able to perform trig calculations as well as having useful algebraic applications such as finding co-ordinate pairs for drawing graphs.

Sharp Scientific Calculator
A calculator for advanced programme mathematics – The Sharp EL-W506
Some schools prefer students doing Grade 12 mathematics to get an advanced scientific calculator. The Sharp EL-W506 is a good option which can then be taken through to university-level courses in maths and engineering. In addition to the functionality found in the EL-W535HT, this calculator allows learners to perform differential calculations, work with matrices, input two or three variable equations or quadratic and cubic equations, do conversions and use constants. The statistics mode is similar to the EL-W535HT, and is simple to use. Another convenient feature is list mode, for ordering and comparing a data list.

EL-W506 Hi Res calculator
Financial calculator – The Sharp EL-738
Students doing university courses in accounting, finance and economics will get the best value from the best financial calculator on the market – the EL-738. In addition to the features of a basic scientific calculator, it has a statistics mode, and the ability to calculate bond and instalment amounts, amortisations and various annuities. This calculator will also serve as a very useful tool once students have graduated and enter the working world.

Sharp Financial Calculator
For more information and resources for school learners visit the Maths at Sharp website. It has worksheets, study guides and even competitions to enter. For more information on Seartec’s comprehensive solutions offering such as electronics and office automation products, go to Seartec Products or call 0800 474 277 for an obligation-free quote.