Make lessons come alive with the Sharp PN-VC651A

Educational Technology

Educators are constantly being challenged to make lessons more engaging and stimulating for learners who are used to the instant accessibility to information that technology provides. Luckily, there are also new technological advances that can be used in the classroom to fire up the imagination – allowing for knowledge to be imparted and used like never before.

Enter the Sharp PN-VC651A. It is a 65-inch interactive electronic interactive whiteboard which is ideal for use in classrooms, lecture theaters, business offices, boardrooms or factories. This technology can be used to brighten up lessons and engage with modern learners. Equipped with anti-reflective tempered glass and high brightness, it can be viewed in any light conditions, making it practical for any classroom. It is available in multiple configurations including non-touch, touch and multi-touch – so that teachers and students can create and edit content with a finger or pen, singularly or in groups for a truly interactive learning experience.

Technical specs that are designed to impress

This electronic whiteboard has a powerful built-in computer powered by Intel® that features Easy Plug for integration with a PC or laptop, multiple USB ports to allow for the connectionSharp IWB in school of peripheral devices to the screen and built-in Wi-Fi that allows for a wireless network connection. This means that content can be retrieved from a shared network drive or from external storage. Security levels can also be configured to ensure that only authorised individuals can access the board.

The Sharp PN-VC651A boasts a sleek design and is intuitive and easy to operate. It is even possible to manage a small network of digital notice boards from a single location and scale up as is needed. On the technical side the, display offers a virtual keyboard, large screen size, 1920x1080p full HD resolution, a 4000:1 contrast ratio, a brightness level of 360 cd.m2, a 178° viewing angle, up to six multi-touch points and anti-reflective glass. It can be mounted on a wall or set up on a floor stand for portability should it be needed.

Endless possibilities

Lessons brought alive by PN-VC651AThanks to the integrated Wi-Fi, when using the interactive display, it is possible to save, print, copy, email or store content directly from the device. The Sharp PN-VC651A connects to smartphones, tablets and laptops wirelessly to display content from users

The software system supports most well-known applications, and users can design, move or scale and share documents, presentations, webpages, videos, drawings and graphics. Teachers can plan lessons that are collaborative and fun, include a variety of multimedia and design sections that can be brainstormed and completed by students in real time.

In addition, the display is designed to operate 24/7 and is durable enough to survive the rigors of daily use by teachers and students. It is a truly versatile tool to give educators an edge and bring lessons to life.

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