Beat the back to school blues: make maths a breeze

Make maths easy with Sharp EL-W535HT

The new school year has just begun. With their children entering a new grade, filled with new concepts to learn, parents are eager to give their children the support and resources that they need to excel. With the national matric pass rate having decreased in 2015 and many learners struggling with mathematics, some smart strategies are needed to give your child the keys to success in mathematics.

A good calculator can be an invaluable tool to help students to get to grips with and practice key mathematical concepts, helping to build a strong foundation for further learBest Buyning. Sharp’s EL-W535HT scientific calculator was designed with South African learners in mind, is aligned to the SA CAPS curriculum and incorporates features that are used in SA schools. Having recently won the FAIRLADY Consumer Best Buy 2016 award in the scientific calculators category – as part of their Back to School stationery evaluations – the EL-W535ht is user-friendly enough for younger learners and advanced enough for students at university undergraduate level. This versatility and the calculator’s durable build means that it is also an economical buy.

The Sharp EL-W535HT includes these unique features:

Drill Mode

Mental maths skills are a key cornerstone to mathematical ability. The EL-W535HT has a drill mode which allows students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in order to assist them to perform these calculations mentally with ease. The mode provides a number of sums, users must type in the answers and the calculator will provide a mark as feedback.

Statistics Mode

Students can find statistics tricky, but the EL-W535HT has an easy-to-use statistics mode that can work out grouped data, linear regression, quadratic expressions, and exponential and logarithmic statistical problems, in just a few key strokes.

WriteView feature

This technology allows users to enter figures and calculations exactly as they appear in the textbook. This display means that it is easier to and visualise complex fractions that are multi-line, as well as advanced formulae.

Unlimited data in Table mode

This mode assists with graphing a function by providing unlimited sets of x and y coordinate pairs for any function.

Calculators are a great help in the maths classPolar co-ordinates feature

This feature is used in polar geometry, and can be used to calculate both the r and theta values from the known x and y values, or vice versa.

Time feature

Great for familiarising students with converting units of time, for example from seconds to minutes, or seconds to hours. The time feature also adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides units of time.

Prime factorisation key

This allows the user to find the prime factors of any number.

Seartec has also created the Maths at Sharp website as a resource that is complimentary to their calculators. Aimed at teachers & school learners, the site has “how to” articles that guide learners in how to use their calculators and perform more complex calculations. It also provides worksheets and past papers for teachers to download and give to their students, giving them the opportunity to practice and refine the mathematical skills that they will need to excel at school.

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