What makes Sharp’s OSA a must-have for smart businesses?

OSA | Sharp

A multifunction printer (MFP) packs a huge number of features into one machine, by combining printing, scanning, copying and faxing functionality. But that isn’t all an MFP can do – if it’s a Sharp MFP! Sharp’s Open Systems Architecture (OSA) is a development platform that gives your Sharp MFP and even wider and more versatile range of functions. The end result? Greater productivity, decreased costs, a higher return on investment and simplified IT systems. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp office automation solutions, has compiled a guide to the Sharp OSA.

A bespoke solution that is right for your office environment

Sharp OSA intOpen Systems Architecture | Sharpegrates your Sharp MFP with your existing IT infrastructure, and allows third-party software developers to customise Sharp MFPs in order to incorporate them with your existing network. This allows you to use your MFP for a number of business applications, with the Sharp OSA-enabled MFP functioning like a bridge between them. It provides you with increased flexibility, control and convenience. For example, simplify your accounting systems by scanning an invoice. Then annotate it with additional notes and send it to your accounting system for processing and archiving. Sharp’s OSA allows you to perform these functions seamlessly – and you don’t even have to be at your computer to do it. Work from the LCD control panel of the MFP, as OSA integration allows you to interact with all networked business applications from this central point to begin and finish tasks with ease.

The customisable nature of the OSA platform means that MFPs have the potential to interact with numerous pieces of software, which can change and evolve over time to meet your growing business needs.

Tighter security and better peace of mind

Sharp OSA’s integrated and centralised platform makes document workflow easier to manage and amps up security features. User profiles make controlling the access rights of users, authorisations and permissions and usage and activity tracking simple.

SHARP OSAA sophisticated system that pays its way

Manage usage costs, reduce system implementation costs and increase business output by enhancing productivity through optimised workflows, data sharing between offices and the elimination of redundant tasks with Sharp OSA. Plus, easy-to-program Web services and Microsoft®.NET reduce the time and cost involved in developing applications.

Easy to use – with excellent training and support

The simple user interface and intuitive design make for a smooth user experience. Seartec also provides training, ongoing technical support and maintenance and unparalleled customer service to prevent down time and lost productivity.

To get switched on, plugged in and up-and-running, go to https://www.seartec.co.za/our-products for more information about Seartec’s extensive range of office automation solutions, or call 0800 474 277 and a Seartec account executive will assist you with your queries and provide you with an obligation-free quote.