Managed print solutions that streamline your office processes

Managed Print Services - Seartec

Equipping an office with technology such as a productivity-boosting multifunction printer is the first step in streamlining processes and cutting print costs. However, there are additional ways to increase cost efficiency, cut down on waste, accelerate workflows and improve businesses processes. One way that this can be achieved is by making savvy use of software.

Seartec Fleet Manager

This software solution tracks the performance of every device on your network, allowing you to view every copy/print/scan/fax conducted in your office environment. From an analytics perspective, the software will use this information to suggest where devices are being underutilised, allowing you to consolidate or find a more efficient use for the device; or conversely, it will identify devices that are being overused and suggest alternatives such as additional or upgraded hardware. Fleet Manager will also keep track of the service and maintenance needs of each machine, logging automatic maintenance calls and sensing toner requirements. This not only conveniently cuts down on admin, but also prevents technical problems or toner shortages. This means that your machines won’t experience any downtime and you don’t have to worry about decreased office productivity. Fleet Manager is not limited to any brand and can be used with any multifunction or standard printer. To get this software and have increased control over all of your devices, call Seartec on 0800 474 277 and they will install the software at no cost to you.


Papercut is on a mission to make print management as simple and painless as possible. The software allows you to manage print jobs for every multifunction printer on your network and to monitor the activity of every user as well. Papercut enables you to see how many pages are being printed on each device or by any user, monitor the implementation of best printing practices such as duplex printing and paper conservation in order to reduce waste, assign fixed quotas to departments and increase document security. Create intelligent rules that restricts users from printing in colour, for example, or only allow double-sided printing. Papercut can also be used to set up find-me printing, which allows users to access their print jobs on any device on the network, releasing the print job with a password, swipe card or biometric access such as a fingerprint. This increases document security by ensuring that users retrieve printed material immediately, and reduces wastage – if a print job is incorrect or sent through multiple times in error, users can access the print queue and remove it. Additionally, analyse your print costs by reviewing what the costs per page are for different print settings and, depending on the Papercut package, track copy, scan and fax jobs as well as print jobs.