The Microwave Oven of the Future – What Will It Be Able to Do Next?

From their accidental discovery to their role as an essential kitchen appliance – the microwave oven has reinvented the way we cook – and will continue to do so. Microwave ovens were first used in restaurant kitchens; now you’ll have to search long and hard for a household that doesn’t have a basic microwave.

The unplanned birth of the microwave oven changed the way we cook – both in restaurants and at home.

The technology behind the microwave oven was discovered by accident after an experiment with radar signals went wrong. The father of the microwave oven, Percy Spencer, learned that heat is emitted when molecules vibrate at high speeds. The radar signals generated enough heat to melt the chocolate in his pocket.

Spencer’s 340 kilogram “Radarange” was introduced in the late 1940s and initially tested in restaurants. Along with the modernisation of microwave oven technology, came increased functionality like convection and grill settings. This gave chefs the ability to cook food quickly without the use of a regular oven – helping to relieve a lot of pressure in the restaurant kitchen.

The microwave oven of the future can help improve service delivery to patrons in your restaurant.

Microwave ovens already have an abundance of features – so what will they be able to do in the future? According to a Tuvie report, industrial designer Mac Funamizu developed a concept portable microwave oven that shows you what your meal will look like once it’s been cooked.

The device, inspired by a restaurant dome tray, is portable and allows you to control the cooking process and time on a touch screen. Aside from giving diners an enticing display of what their meal will look like when it’s ready, the microwave oven can also be moved around to heat plates of food where needed.

Get perfectly cooked meals every time – even when you’re not in the kitchen.

Future connectivity between your microwave oven and your smart device will give you the ability to completely automate and monitor the cooking process in your restaurant. By remotely accessing the microwave oven via an app, you can have complete control over the cooking status of meals.

With a small camera inside the microwave oven feeding a live video stream to your smartphone, you’ll know exactly how the meal is progressing and be able to adjust the temperature and function accordingly. No more over-cooked steaks or sunken soufflés result in better quality food, improved productivity in the kitchen and more efficient waiters.

Deliver healthier meals and keep your patrons informed of what they eat with future microwaves.

Last year engadget reported that General Electric is working on a prototype microwave oven that counts the calories of meals while heating them, and then sends the details to your smartphone. This could allow you to measure every meal on your menu and indicate the calorie total right next to it – every dieter’s dream.

Not only will patrons be informed of the calorie value of their meal, but you can also accordingly adjust ingredients to offer healthier items on your menu. According to developers of the device, you can determine the precise nutritional value of ingredients like sugar, fibre and protein.

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