Multifunction Copiers Boost Office Efficiency

Sharp MX-3110N Multifunction Copier

Multifunction copiers can be an extremely useful addition to an office, by combining the functionality of a printer, photocopier, scanner and fax machine in one compact unit. This cuts down on costs and even saves office space by eliminating the need for several machines. There are many models of multifunction copiers available on the market, ranging broadly in size, price and ability and these need to be evaluated according to certain criteria in order to select the most appropriate copier for your home or business needs.

The following features need to be considered:

Inkjet vs laser printer: Laser printers print high-quality output, are quick and their toner cartridges do not have to be replaced very often, making them cost effective to use. Inkjet printers are initially cheaper to purchase, but more expensive to run as their ink cartridges are pricier. Both can print high-quality colour photo presentations. The quality of the photos can vary with the model, but very specialised photo printers can produce superior photo quality and will produce any document with amazing clarity.

Total cost of ownership: Capital outlay for an inkjet printer is generally lower than for a laser printer however when taking the full running cost into consideration, depending on the average monthly printing volumes. A laser based MFD is highly likely to have a lower total cost of ownership due to the competitive running costs.

Sharp MX-3110N Multifunction Copier

Consider your business needs before choosing the right multifunction copier for you.

Average monthly volumes: A lower-end machine which has to handle high volumes of printing may break or require increased maintenance, increasing the overall cost. You need to consider the amount of copies you will be making each month when determining which MFP is best suited to your needs.

Speed of output: Consider the speed of printing in pages per minute. If your office prints high volumes, it may be necessary to choose a printer with a higher speed and volume rating to accommodate your business needs.

Email capability, the ability to be network-enabled and wireless functionality: This allows you to integrate your multifunction copier with your office network, such as scanning a document and having it sent to your email directly.

Digital camera cards and memory sticks: You need to consider if you want a copier that can read and print from these devices. Printing on non-standard paper thicknesses or sizes: If you wish to print on oversized paper, or thick card, blueprints or transparencies, the copier needs to be specialised to allow printing on various types of media without breaking or jamming.

Seartec offers a very broad range of SHARP multifunction copiers to suit home and office needs. Ease of use and intuitive user interfaces are characteristic of all the SHARP multifunction copiers offered by Seartec, but there are also models available with very advanced capabilities. For example, the MX-3110N has a page editing function which can be used to edit scanned data, and a hidden copy/print function to safeguard confidential documents. The MX-M363N has a number of finishing options, including bi-folding, saddle stitching and hole punching. For more information on Seartec’s extensive range of multifunction copiers or for a free quote, go to

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