Multifunction Printers: The Sharp MX-M1204 & Sharp MX-7500N

sharp mx m1204

Having trouble making a decision about choosing an MFP? We showcase two of our advanced light production multifunction printers that can keep up with on-demand workflows. These two copiers are both able to compete in either the monochrome or colour categories. Read more to find out what makes them so cutting edge.

Sharp’s MX-M1204 is an impressive combination of sophisticated functionality and reliability. Designed for light production, this multifunction black and white copier produces high-resolution prints at 1200dpi or crisp copies at 600dpi. There are many reasons why the Sharp MX-M1204 is perfect for a CRD, copy room or any other high-volume environment:

1. It gives you a variety of finishing options – The saddle-stitch finisher is perfect for booklet production. It automatically staples and folds prints, and optional modules are available for additional applications such as punching holes or trimming for a consistent finish. The folding unit can perform five types of automated folding for maximum convenience – Z-fold, C-fold, accordion fold, double fold and half fold.

2. It’s fast – The MX-M1204 can operate at an impressive maximum speed of 120pages per minute. The duplex single pass feeder, which scans both sides of two-sided originals in one pass, means that large volumes of documents can be scanned rapidly. It can also be integrated into networks and has a 1TB hard drive and 5GB of standard memory for streamlined and efficient document workflows.

3. It’s reliable – A multi-feed detection system diagnoses misfeeds from the document feeder and paper tray to detect jams and minimize downtime. Built-in curl correction prevents paper warping before it goes to the finisher. An intermediate toner hopper allows for continued printing while empty toner cartridges are being replaced; and a developer cooling system prevents heat build-up for consistent and reliable printing.

4. It’s secure – Multi-layer security automatically encrypts previous jobs saved on the hard drive, and password protects information as well. Additional security features allow users to track and audit device usage, prevent unauthorized printing, scanning or copying of documents with embedded copy-protection data on documents, and device access control for maximum security over a network.

5. It’s user friendly – The intuitive control panel with touch screen is customisable and has an optional web browsing expansion kit.

sharp mx m1204

The Sharp MX-M1204 multifunction printer

The Sharp MX-7500N is the flagship colour multifunction printer and is equally as impressive as its black and white counterpart. With print quality on-par with commercial printing and precise management of print jobs, there are very few jobs this printer cannot handle. Just look at these incredible features:

1. It’s versatile – The MX-7500N can handle a variety of paper types and thicknesses, up to 300gsm and can print, scan or copy paper sizes from A5 up to A3. It works at a maximum speed of 75 pages per minute for A4 and 42 pages per minute for A3 sized pages. And it can handle paper types such as coated, textured and embossed paper, as well as envelopes.

2. It’s got a good memory: The Paper Setting Registration function can store up to 1000 media profiles for instant recall, including front to back registration settings, data on fusing temperatures and the type, size and weight of the paper used, for perfectly consistent jobs without the necessity to programme in settings separately each time. Processed job data can also be stored in folders on the hard drive for printing or sending at a later stage, as well as frequently used templates. The MX-7500N has a 1TB hard disk and 5GB of standard memory.

3. It’s Fiery® The powerful external Fiery® Colour Print Server with Command Workstation software can be operated through the multifunction copier’s LCD touch-sceen panel for absolute colour clarity. Superior control over colour fidelity and vibrance are maintained even for large, complex jobs. SHARP has reinforced all elements of the printer related to image processing including toner and colour profiles. Output is 1200dpi x 1200dpi, printing photographs, illustrations, graphs and small text with precision.

4. It finishes the job – The Sharp MX-7500N can staple, punch, create full-bleed A4 booklets of up to 80 pages in length and has automated folding options that match the MX-M1204. For more information on either of these two extraordinary Multifunction Printers, or an obligation-free quote, go to