black friday special microwave R-20BM

Black Friday Sale

BLACK FRIDAY SALE R650 R-20BM – SPECIFICATIONS • 20 litre microwave • 800W microwave output • 8 auto cook/defrost    functions • 11...

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School Calculators

Back to School Calculators

It’s almost back to school time! Give your children the boost they deserve with our extensive back to school calculators range to suit...

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| Carol Stilling
Tips on increasing productivity

Lessons from the most productive people

Staying sharp and laser-focused can be a serious challenge considering the numerous distractions and energy-draining tasks that can pile up during the course...

| Nicole Sengers
Office essentials | Seartec

6 must-haves for the modern office

These days businesses take many shapes and forms. From big corporate offices to the home office space or flexible shared working spaces, there...

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