How Office Automation can Optimise Productivity

Office Automation

In the past a simple desktop computer, telephone, printer and a fax machine might have been all you needed to complete daily office tasks, but unfortunately in today’s ruthless business environment, it simply isn’t enough to remain competitive. For your business to stay ahead, building efficiency into daily tasks is one of the best ways to achieve this. Automation technology has greatly contributed to optimising the way in which daily business functions are carried out – saving time and enhancing productivity.

Simplify tasks and develop your staff’s skills.

Office automation eliminates a lot of the frustration associated with carrying out manual and redundant tasks. Multi-function printers (MFPs) that combine the functions of multiple devices or implementing smart business applications that aid collaboration, allow you to deploy your available resources more efficiently. Being able to print, scan, fax and copy from a single machine reduces the time spent on moving between different areas of the office to complete simple tasks.

The efficiency challenge

The secret to achieving efficiency is in eliminating minor bottlenecks where they occur in order to improve the overall process involved in completing tasks. Often overlooked, small, tedious and repetitive tasks can accumulate to cause massive delays in turnarounds.

The benefits to implementing office automation go far beyond the simplification of tasks, however. Introducing your staff to new technology and training them on how to use it helps to broaden their skillset. The more familiar staff becomes with equipment, the faster and more efficiently they will be able to operate it, further building the confidence of your workforce.

Increase your workflow with connected technology.

Working in the cloud allows people to move around the office and beyond seamlessly, and still have access to all their data and business applications from virtually any internet-enabled device. Devices like interactive LED touch boards will increase the collaboration process by enabling members to work on projects collaboratively, eliminating the need for each person to bring their own device.

Integrating applications between devices allows for easy sharing, for instance, documents and images that have been produced on an interactive touch board can be sent directly to a connected multifunctional printer. The same goes for scanning documents and sending them to the board to display.

It’s all about choosing the right products and suppliers.

Purchasing new technology generally involves a large investment and there are a lot of different manufacturers and products to choose from to satisfy your office automation needs. Do your research thoroughly and make sure you understand the technical specifications to help you make accurate comparisons.

Involving the employees working in the office environment in your decision making process will give you the best idea of what their daily office automation needs are. This ensures you don’t end up with a piece of equipment that isn’t user friendly or paying for features you’ll never use.

Inquiring about warranties, customer support and maintenance can help motivate the direction of your purchase even further – the best price doesn’t necessarily equal the best quality and return on investment.

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