Sharp EL-1750V Calculator

The El-1750 is a desktop printing calculator with a large 12 digit display and quick, 2 colour printing. This dual powered calculator makes a perfect portable model when you’re on the go!

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This 12 digit Sharp EL-1750V Calculator is perfect for the occasional user when it comes to printing calculators, especially in a small office or home office setting. Features an extra-large LCD display for easy viewing. You can count on the fast and reliable 2.0 lines-per-second ink printer. Professional keyboard layout with one-touch change calculation to display and print the change owed. Cost-sell-margin keys make for quick and easy profit margin calculations.

  • 12 digit
  • Large Display
  • Dual Powered (Mains & Battery)
  • Cost-Sell-Margin Function
  • 2-Colour Printing
  • Prints at 2.0 per second

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