Sharp EL-233SB Calculator

The EL-233SB is a compact, battery powered, pocket calculator. It has a three-key memory that includes a memory plus, a memory minus and a memory clear functions. The device also features a percentage as well as a square root functions. As a power saving feature, the calculator automatically switches off. EL-233SB calculator is well suited for basic calculations.

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The Sharp EL-233SB Calculator is a small but useful pocket calculator that is battery operated so it can even be used in low-light situations. It has a 3-key memory involving a memory plus, memory minus and memory recall or clear function. It has a percent button as well as a square root function To save power it automatically switches off. The large keys and large display make it easy for anybody to use.

  • 8 digit
  • Battery powered
  • LCD screen display
  • Available in a blister pack

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