Sharp EL-738 Calculator

This financial calculator is well suited for both real estate and finance professionals. The calculator can perform amortisations and break-even calculations and has an easy to use cost/sell/margin function, as well as an option that calculates day or date. This calculator is recommended for auditing and finance students.

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This financial Sharp EL-738 Calculator is commonly used by finance and auditing students, real estate professionals or in financial institutions. It can perform amortizations and break-even calculations. It has an easy to use cost/ sell/ margin function. It also has a handy function that calculates the day or date. It can perform bond calculations and has 12 memory functions. The calculator has a statistics mode as well.

  • Financial calculator
  • 12 digit
  • Has an easy to use statistics mode
  • Battery operated
  • Financial and business calculator
  • Cash flow function
  • TVM amortization
  • Compound interest calculations

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