Sharp EL-W535SABWH / EL-W535SABRD / EL-W535SABBL Calculator

The EL-W535SABWH / EL-W535SABRD / EL-W535SABBL boast funky colours and feature Sharp’s WriteView technology so calculations are displayed as they appear in a textbook. These calculators were designed with the South African learner in mind and have features that are used in South African schools

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The Sharp EL-W535SABWH / EL-W535SABRD / EL-W535SABBL advanced scientific calculators are a multi-purpose high school calculator designed for the South African CAPS syllabus.

Table Mode

  • displays an unlimited set of co-ordinate pairs for any function.
  • two functions available
  • asymptotes that look like asymptotes

Drill Mode

  • fun and unique to Sharp calculators.
  • It allows a person to practice mental maths by giving basic maths questions and the user must type the answer into the calculator. 
  • The calculator also gives the mark and the percentage at the end of the drill

Statistics Mode

  • so easy to use.
  • Enter your values and then change to calculation mode.
  • Find all your statistics values in three easy steps.

Normal Mode

  • features a fantastic time function that lets you enter units of time in a calculation and convert seconds to minutes and hours, as well as convert fractions into time.
  • A random function generates random numbers.
  • User-defined shortcut keys store commonly used key sequences to save you time and
  • it’s simple to change between polar and rectangular co-ordinates with the easy shortcut on the Sharp EL- W535SABWH / EL-W535SABRD / EL-W535SABBL.
  • New features include:
    • Prime factorization 
    • Lowest common multiple and 
    • Highest Common Factor
    • Integer division with quotient and remainder given
    • A home key for quick access to normal mode from wherever you are. 

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Product Color

White, Red, Blue

  • Recommended scientific calculator for high school students.
  • WriteView – type in your equations as they appear in the textbook.
  • Over 422 scientific and statistical functions.
  • 9 Memory Keys.
  • Drill Mode allows you to practice mental maths using the calculator.
  • 2 Function Table Mode provides unlimited co-ordinate pairs.
  • Easy to use statistics mode with summary page – requires just 2 keys to find any statistic.
  • Prime factorization button.
  • Easy conversion between polar and rectangular coordinates.
  • Finds the equation of a regression line and correlation coefficient.
  • Large, high resolution, 4-line LCD screen with upper 12-digit (5×7 – dot matrix)/lower 10-digit (mantissa) and 2-digit (exponent).
  • Battery-operated (AAA x 1).
  • Percentage function that allows you to calculate percentage increase and decrease.
  • Constant function.
  • Time function means that you can convert between time and fractions and use units of time within calculations.
  • Random function generates random numbers.
  • Functions include multi-line playback, chain and N-Base calculations.
  • Easy slide-on hard cover to protect calculator from damage.
  • 3 user-defined function keys can save a key sequence so it can be accessed quickly at a later stage.
  • Advanced Direct Algebraic Logic – solves the expression by using BODMAS.
  • WriteView – allows the user to see calculations as they would be written or printed in a textbook.
  • 422 scientific and statistical functions.
  • 100-key memory – The calculator recalls previous calculations so you can go back and check a previous calculation.
  • Drill Mode – In this mode, you can practice mental maths calculations, the calculator gives you questions and the user types in the answers.
  • Easy statistics mode – All the common statistics functions are found on the keypad, making it easy to access them.
  • Table Mode provides unlimited co-ordinate pairs for any function.
  • Statistics Mode is so easy to use.
  • Prime factorization button

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