Sharp MX-M182D Compact Multifunctional Copier

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MX-M182D is a compact, cost effective network multifunctional printer. This duplex A3 colour copier offers electronic sorting and collating that enables it to automatically create multiple sets of sorted documents. MX-M182D is Energy Star certified and features preheat and power shut-off modes, making it both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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The MX-M182D is a compact, network capable, multifunctional printer that has high functionality and is cost effective. This duplex A3 copier with full colour scanning offers great features like electronic sorting which enables it to create multiple sets of sorted documents without having the need for a collator. This MFP is Energy Star certified and features pre-heat and power shut off modes that make it energy efficient and extremely environmentally friendly. It features full colour push and pull scanning.

Page Size

Print Colour

Print Speed

  • Digital laser printer/copier/scanner/fax
  • Duplex
  • 18 copies per minute
  • A3
  • Scan Once/Print Many function
  • Electronic Sorting
  • Printer board memory
  • Single pass feeder
  • Reverse single pass feeder
  • 250 sheet paper feed unit
  • Network expansion kit
  • Fax expansion kit & fax mounting kit (one required for the other)
  • Expansion memory board
  • Job separator
  • Postscript PS3 kit
  • SharpDesk license
  • Wireless Hub
  • Excellent A3 MFP in the mid-range
  • Networkable printing and colour scanning
  • Low running costs

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