Sharp PN-VC651A Interactive Whiteboard

Combining LCD touch screen display technology with interactivity, SHARP Educational Display provides an interactive learning environment, bringing education to a new level. This Interactive Electronic Whiteboard will revolutionise the learning experience in any classroom.

The Sharp PN-VC651A is an interactive electronic whiteboard that is ideal for use in any classroom or lecture theater. The anti-reflective tempered glass and high brightness mean that is can be viewed in any light and that it is hardy enough to survive a bustling classroom. The board has a built-in PC that features Easy Plug for integrated PC module, 2 built-in USB ports to connect peripherals to the LCD screen, built-in Wi-Fi and allows for a wired/wireless network connection. This interactive whiteboard boast a sleek design and is easy to operate.


  • Screen Size: 65” LED
  • 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution
  • Min 4,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Brightness Level : 360 cd/m2
  • 178° viewing angle ensuring a great view from any seat in the classroom
  • Multi-Touch – 6 Point Touch
  • Anti reflective tempered glass
  • Virtual keyboard (optional)
  • Touch Display Link Software
  • Stand
  • Windows 8

What can you do with the PN-VC651A?

  • Write on the screen with your finger or a pen, and erase with your hand or eraser.
  • Touch the screen to navigate through documents, videos, presentations, or websites.
  • Make notes, draw shapes, move, scale, or rotate the images with a finger touch.
  • Save your notes, graphs, text, audio files to print, e-mail, or share them.
  • Switch from writing notes to navigating applications and back.
  • Create video or audio files to teach an application or a lecture to be posted.
  • Record instructions as video files and post the materials for review by students.*
  • Control the PCs / tablets in the classroom from the display.*
  • Conduct quizzes and capture feedback on the display.*
* These functions are available with the appropriate optional software.
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