Why Renting Office Technology Makes Sense

Sharp office automation rental

To remain competitive and productive in a fast-paced business environment, even small organisations need access to cutting-edge technology solutions. However, the cost of sophisticated equipment like electronic whiteboards or multifunction printers can be prohibitive. Seartec, proud distributor of Sharp, offers a number of rental packages that allow the use of state-of-the-art assets, without having to purchase it up front. There are a number of significant benefits to renting office technology from Seartec. The financial implications of renting office equipment are numerous: The capital outlay required to purchase can be saved or spent elsewhere; and if the intention was to use a bank loan to purchase office technology, renting allows for credit line preservation. Seartec does not require a cash deposit, which has similar benefits in reducing initial outlay.

sharp calculatorAt Seartec, various rental options are designed for small businesses through to large corporates with very high turnover. Most of the products sold are offered as rental options as well, on amounts of R8000 and higher. Rental packages are flexible, with rental periods of between 12 – 60 months. Rates for rentals are competitive and are linked to changes in the prime interest rates. Monthly rental amounts can be further trimmed to suit the client’s pocket by annual escalations of up to 15%, easing cash flow.

Rentals are fully tax deductible, thereby minimising income tax obligations and VAT is not capitalised up front but rather paid monthly with each rental. Another benefit is the option to upgrade the equipment during the contract. Thus, when newer and better technology becomes available, or if the needs of the company change and the older equipment is outgrown, Seartec will upgrade, free of additional VAT on original equipment and a preferential discounted figure will be given. This gives the client added flexibility at a competitive price.

Seartec Finance Team

Other costs that can be included with the rental are software, installation and control card costs. Seartec even offers a unique copy plan – which is a cost per copy or print charge that is levied to cover both the capital component and the operating cost of a copier or printer. This means that the monthly rental is included in the monthly copy or print charge cost.

Benefits for the client include combining the costs for consumables and the paper for one copy. Therefore, the final amount worked out displays the real costs per page. Machine maintenance is financed, so the machine has less down time thereby improving efficiency. And there is only one invoice per machine (including equipment rental, copies, prints and maintenance) making accounting, payment and reconciliation substantially easier. When trying to budget for office costs, economising by settling for cheaper technology solutions may end up more expensive in the long run, when factoring in sub-standard output, longer waiting times, more equipment downtime and costly maintenance.

Seartec is committed to solving smart by make solutions smart and convenient, and their rental agreement possibilities make it easier to afford technology that is the perfect fit for any business. Contact Us to discuss your office technology rental requirements.

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